Meaning of dancing around by flor & The Story Behind

Flor, whose modest name is translated from Latin as a flower, is a unique and truly floral musical group created in the USA, in the state of Oregon. This musical group performs amazing, mesmerizing songs in the genre of indie and alternative rock. The band’s songs inspire the listeners, directing their mental flow towards striving for something better, to constantly improve themselves and the environment. Flor was formed back in 2014, when such music was only slowly gaining its popularity. This group includes such talented musicians as Zach Grace, responsible for vocals and rhythm guitar, McKinley Keats, who skillfully plays electric guitar, Kyle Hill, responsible for drums and precussion and Dylan William Bauld, who sings backing vocals and plays on bass guitar.

Their creative journey began when the aforementioned Zach Grace started experimenting with sounds in electronic music creation applications. The results of his chaotic creativity impressed Zak so much that he decided to develop and popularize his music into something bigger and more mass by all means. The first song released in 2014 was called “Heart”. Then the group only began to gain the first, small return from the audience, which prompted them not to stop their endeavors. The very first release of the group is a small EP (mini-album) “Sights & Sounds”, released in 2015. In 2017, the musicians pleased the listeners with the release of their first album “come out. you’re hiding.”

Consider the insanely beautiful, enchanting composition “Dancing around”, released on the second studio album “Ley Lines”. The sound of the song is calm, serene, evokes memories of the past and at the same time directs to the desire for the future. Its meaning was revealed and explained in detail by one of the musicians of the Flor group, Zach Grace. He claims that with a superficial analysis of the lyrics of the song, its main idea, which the members of the group have invested in it, becomes obvious.

It lies in the continuous search for happiness in the little things, in things, at first glance, insignificant. In addition, the song teaches to enjoy every moment of life lived: “I can’t wait I’ve been longing to be dancing around again” – is sung at the very beginning of the song, which means the irresistible desire of the lyrical hero to start dancing, moving, surrendering to fun and joy . “I wish for the madness, I live a bit lavish” – the first line of the first verse, translated as “I crave madness and live uneconomically.”

At the same time, according to the musician, there is also a deeper, hidden motive in the song, which is understood only upon detailed examination and attentive listening to the text. The song encourages the listener to reconsider their habits, views and their attitude to life. In his opinion, sometimes it is worth asking yourself “Am I living the right way? Should I change?” and think about the best version of our fate, which is in our hands. The song encourages listeners to look for ways of self-development, changing themselves and the world around them, and possibly getting rid of obstacles, that is, from everything that pulls us down and hinders development. “I’ll take it out in me what cages ambition that reaches out far” – the line of the second verse, saying that the hero of the song intends to pull out everything that literally holds his considerable ambitions.

In addition, in his opinion, it is not at all worth belittling your merits and constantly looking for flaws in yourself. On the contrary, you should be able to praise yourself and be your main admirer.

The history of the creation of this composition, unfortunately, is known only to its author. It is worth telling a little more about the album in which it was released. The album “Ley Lines” was released in 2019, its sound is melodic, mysterious and seems to reach the very soul of the listener.

The name of the album is translated into Spanish as “ley lines”, which carries a hidden meaning for the members of the group. Ley lines are certain mysterious, sometimes inexplicable places, like Stonehenge or the pyramids of Giza, of scientific interest in the field of history and geography. According to legend, such places are connected by some invisible thread, through which they form a single system, presumably the lines of force of the Earth’s energy field. It is believed that the mentioned network of lines of force carries a certain secret of the universe, up to its creation and further destiny.

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