Meaning of the song After Dark – Mr. Kitty

The creation of the song “After dark” was a truly unique creative artist “Mr. Kitty. A great combination of genre, musical notes and variations allows you to reach the highest point of popularity in the modern world. There is a relaxed mood and pleasant sensations from listening to text and music. Directions of relaxation, trance are taken into account. People perceive the product as a perfect masterpiece of creative embodiment, set to music.

On the first lines of well-known charts is the work “After dark”, performed by the author. It has an increased demand from the audience. The meaning of the lines is interpreted by different examples. Form, content, musical interaction are considered as general and whole elements of a creative picture.

The story of the creation of the creative work “After dark”

The song “After dark” was created based on the author and performer “Mr. Kitty, known as Forrest Avery Carney, is Mr. Kitty, Echo Strobe, producer of Dark-Synthwave, Synthpop, New Wave, Witch Hous, Dark Wave, contemporary singer, talented DJ from Arlington, Texas. The birth of a creative personality occurred on March 24, 1992. The formation of style under the steady influence of external factors took place. The perfect ear, skill and talent of the hero allow you to hear a new work and get an unforgettable experience from watching the video.

The bottom line is to complement the texts with the sound of different musical instruments, evoking nostalgia, a romantic mood when listening and immersing yourself in an atmosphere of magic. The protagonist plays the synthesizer, and the heroine roller-skates around a large shopping mall, fulfilling the dreams of looking at and acquiring new and beautiful things. The clip is shown brightly and vividly, setting you in a good mood and a new life, along with getting impressions from the events you have seen.

The hero offers the hand and heart of his beloved in an unusual form, she is a young and beautiful person who is impressed by what she saw, the mood created by her future boyfriend. She is pleased and attractive, easily and gracefully inspecting the counters, enjoying the freedom and play. The guy is sincerely set to continue the meeting. A romantic mood can cure blues and depression in any form, remove obstacles to a normal life. Trance helps to realize the plan, to plunge into the mood of the characters.

An idyll of ideals is created, an illusion of magic. Mysterious views amaze and impress. The text says that every minute must be spent together in order to achieve success and well-being. Without the heroine, the character cannot imagine his life. He is afraid of losing something important and interesting, something that will help create his illusory world. To add romanticism, attributes of eternal love were used: mysterious melodies and fantastic gentle design with the help of things and accessories that give the appropriate look. Listeners will fully enjoy the magic of the game of heroes

The meaning of the song “After dark” “Mr. kitty”

The voice of the heroine calms and sets the young man, who is the main character, for the best. There is passion, desire between people, which leads to the development of their romantic relationship. The interpretation of the translation of the song “After dark” suggests that the phrase “After dark” underlies the plot of the pension.

A vivid picture is created that encourages you to understand what is happening, listen to the beating of your heart and become a hostage of your pious thoughts in the future. Nothing compares to the beauty of youth and the tunes of eternal passion, which are available in full in lyrical heroes. It gives the impression of a game and real feelings.

Like the sun, the girl illuminates the life of a young man, penetrating beyond the event horizon, she enjoys feelings, and the hero shows a response to situations. The colors of the nightlife, the passionate expression of the emotions that shape the creation, the true desire to be together, lies at the heart of actual action. Pleasant feelings appear when meeting a beautiful woman enjoying a romantic performance.

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