Meaning of State Lines by Novo Amor & The Story Behind

Every person was tormented by mental anguish. Each time we turned to the inner voices that were always arguing about the deed you did. Every time we stepped on the same rake. Each time we felt distant from the person we love. The song Novo Amor – State Lines tells us about a man who is faced with a difficult choice: “feelings or mind”.

Will the protagonist be able to cope with his feelings and take off his rose-colored glasses? Will he accept reality as it is, or will he choose to remain in a fantasy world? Will he find what he was looking for, or will he find something more worthwhile?

Interesting Facts:

  • The song uses an interesting metaphor. The mind argues with the heart about the actions that the main character does. The first tries to reason by asking questions: “Did we ever really talk?”, to which the heart replies: “I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know».
  • – The name of the song “state line” means those places where the main character visited and was looking for a person who won his heart.
  • – The author performed this song in different places, unlike others. Perhaps this was a reference to the fact that the main character is really still in search.
  • – Listening to the song, especially at its end, you might think that the guitar is the personification of the noise of the street and the areas where he visited.
  • – At the end of the song, new instruments and drums appear, the beat of which symbolizes that the main character of the song has finally made a decision and is looking forward with confidence.
  • — “Birthplace” is the name of the album, which includes this composition and can be translated as: “place of birth” or “homeland”. From this it follows that the State Lines composition itself is only the beginning of the protagonist’s journey.

The meaning of the song “State Lines” – Novo Amor

The song tells us about a man who is hopelessly in love. Every time you try to accept reality, your inner echo whispers, “I don’t know. I dont know. I dont know”. The main character visited many places to meet his love, but, unfortunately, everything went wrong. Every time there was a reason not to meet, so the thought creeps in: “Does this person exist?”. The mind says “no”, but the heart says “I don’t know”. In the end, the main character could not decide, but only fell into despair, drowned in a dispute between heart and mind. But at the same time, the fire of perseverance burns in him, which is not subject to darkness.

All people drowned in their darkness, but those who got out of it can be counted on the fingers. Darkness speaks warmly and sweetly, but the truth only brings pain. A song about how a man is mired in his love, how he did not want to see the truth and how desperately he wanted to hug the one who stole his heart. As a result, the main character gets something more worthwhile than love – this is an experience that he will remember forever.

“Sometimes the call of the heart turns out to be a trap created by darkness” – this is the idea that the author of the song wanted to convey to us. It turned out just great for him. Learn to look at the world with a sober look, removing pink glasses from your eyes. Every person should learn this lesson and stop stepping on the same rake again and again. Experience is the only thing that can keep us from making the same mistakes.

The main character of the song really deserves respect, because it is brave to challenge what you are afraid of. It is not known how much time he spent in a state of apathy, but one thing is clear – he was able to get out of it and was ready to move on and make the right decision. But something still prevents him from doing this – a cruel love that is very painful to lose.

From all of the above, we can conclude that the creation of the song took a huge amount of time, in particular, it is worth highlighting the musical accompaniment. The author of the song perfectly controlled the emotionality of the voice, thanks to which we could understand the feelings of the main character and that he would soon want to commit a desperate act. The locations where the song was performed were filled with gloom and darkness, as if devouring the protagonist with each new line. A huge number of metaphors can temporarily confuse and distract from the main thing: from the choice of the main character.

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