Meaning of Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush & The Story Behind

The song is called Running up the hill. This song was performed by the British Kate Bush. In 2022, the song was featured in the fourth season of the fascinating series Stranger Things. This event served as a kind of indicator for moving up to a leading position in chat rooms around the world and returned long-lost popularity. Naturally, the single broke records in sales, holding a stubborn position in the very top charts.

As it turned out, the singer herself is a huge fan of the series. After she explored the idea for a television series and the subsequent application of her song, the singer gave the green light for her track to be used commercially.

After watching a few episodes of her songs, Bush made a post on her own website. The post stated that all the episodes are incredibly entertaining with an amazing budget. Admiration and delight sound in every word of the singer.

The success of the single was so overwhelming that she topped the top lines of all the charts. The single “Running Up That Hill” is rightfully considered one of the singer’s best songs. The single was recorded in 1984 in the UK. On September 16, the debut single together in Hounds of Love went on sale.

The song’s original title was said to be a deal with god. As time went on, problems arose with the record company. Recording company employees did not want to put a song with that name in circulation. They were afraid that the wrong name would greatly complicate the rotation of the radio station, especially in the United States. After long negotiations, all participants managed to find a compromise, using a more simplified name.

When shooting music videos for all of Bush’s songs, dance elements were often present. This helped to emphasize the emotional background of the song in more detail. The singer’s single was released simultaneously in two versions. The first version included the songs “Running Up That Hill” and “Under the Ivy”. The second version contains a longer version of “Running Up That Hill” and an instrumental version of “Under the Ivy”.

“Running Up that Hill (Deal with God)” is an art rock and new age single that discusses how the male and female sides change genders and therefore roles. In a Radio 1 interview with Richard Scanner in 1992, Bush explained her intention to create the track because it was often misinterpreted, as well as the problem with her desire to add “God” to the track title: I wanted to convey in this song the fact that men and women are often unable to understand each other. Why. Yes, because they are completely different. Imagine that we could understand each other better if we switched roles for a while.

Such a position would lead to greater mutual understanding.

It’s really, the only way I could think of that could be done is either… you know, I thought if there’s a deal with the devil, you know. And I thought, ‘Well, no, why not make a deal with God!’ You know, in many ways, in some ways, it’s much stronger than the very idea of ​​asking God to make a deal with you.

Representatives of the media company told the singer that if she kept this name, then her song would not be performed in any of the countries with a developed religion. The market of France, Australia and Italy will leave. The music video for the song “Deal with God” was edited in 1985. The video was uploaded to YouTube in January 2011. The singer uploaded it to her music channel.

The director of the video filmed the singer performing an interpretive dance with dance partner Michael Ervie,
The end of the video shows an endless string of unknown masked figures that are images of the faces of Bush and Hervie. As of June 2021, the video has 64.8 million views and 872 thousand likes.

In 2022, the track entered the main charts, reaching number 1 in the UK and many other countries, due to being featured on the fourth season of the hit Netflix horror show “Stranger Things.” “Running Up that Hill (Deal with God)” Certified Gold in New Zealand, Silver in UK Physical Sales and Platinum in the UK Digital Sales.

The musical director of the project explained that this particular track was perfectly chosen for the television project.

“Kate Bush’s lyrics can mean different things to different people. For Max, who feels painfully isolated and misunderstood by others, Deal with God is a reflection of Max’s unconditional belief that only miraculously understanding and supportive friends will help her overcome all life’s obstacles.

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