Meaning of Red Lights by Stray Kids & The Story Behind

The dramatic and sexy track Red Lights is a combination of a complex guitar part, passionate vocals and whispers, a piercing voice and husky singing. The hit created by the Stray Kids group is widely known, but what is the history of its creation? What do those who stood at the very origins of the famous song say? What is the real meaning of popular strings? Let’s talk about this and more.

The story of the creation of the track “Red Lights” – Stray Kids

The song Red Lights was conceived as part of the “[SKZ SONG CAMP] Howl in Harmony” series, where the band members were divided into groups, each of which produced its own video. So, Han, Seungmin and IN released the song Gone Away, and Lee Know, Changbin and Felix released the song Surfin. Directly, Red Lights was released by the duo of Bang Chan and Hyunjin.

According to Changbin, the sexual context was originally planned in Red Lights, chosen, as Han adds in an interview, due to the fact that the group had not previously performed in such a role: “This genre, I think we can show it from a completely different side. ourselves.”

Analysis of the song “Red Lights” – Stray Kids and its hidden meaning

However, the song Red Lights carries not only sexual overtones. It is multifaceted, and by parsing line by line, you can discover the hidden meaning behind eroticism.

There are some K-pop tracks with ambiguous lyrics (such as Monsta Truck, Highway to Heaven, Drive) that later tried to invent hits with other meanings in order to avoid excessive eroticism, but in the case of Red Lights, Bang Chan’s explanations are better taken seriously.

In these examples, the creators use various metaphors to convey sexuality through them. In the case of Red Lights, sexuality itself is a metaphor for conveying other meanings. Judging by the words of the group member Bang Chan and the Korean title of the song, it should reflect the compulsion to work, the obsession with it. Bang Chan and Hyunjin themselves mention in an interview about their obsession with work, and Bang Chan remarks while talking about the song, “It’s about when you have those moments where you don’t really have to do anything, but you’re like that, ah no but I have to do it.” These words, while not denying the sexual context, point to a different meaning of the song.

First verse

I cannot breathe without you being right by my side

I’ll die

So, can you please come over closer? So can you come closer?

Hold me tight, right now

벗어나기 위해 몸부림쳐 봐야 Even when I try to run away from you

there’s no answer

해와 잠들 때까지 더 deeper We sleep until the sun goes down

I really wanna know, yeah

난 이미 lost control, oh

These lines can be interpreted as describing dependence on fans and an inability to get out of their idol persona. So, Lee Know in the introductory video for the NOEASY album says: “Stay (fans – approx.) Is another name for Stray Kids. I think so. I think we are one. We are called by many different names, but actually Stay is Stray Kids.”


I’m going crazy now

걷잡을 수 없이 난 I can’t control myself, I

I stayed up all night again

The moment when I close my eyes

All I see is red lights

Shh Shh

You know I can’t leave you

You know I can’t leave you

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