Renfield Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Review of the film

The Marvel Cinematic Universe showed the industry how to combine different films into a single narrative. Unfortunately, almost no one has mastered it. One of the first to get burned was Universal Pictures with its “Dark Universe” based on classic monsters. But what doesn’t work in the format of the general universe is quite good as an independent project. This is partly how “Renfield” appeared. In the review below, we tell you how successful the film turned out to be.

“Renfield” / Renfield

Comedy horror genre
Directed by Chris McKay
Starring Nicolas Cage, Nicolas Galt, Awkwafina, Ben Schwartz
Premiere cinemas
Release year 2023
IMDb site

The story of the film focuses on the relationship between Dracula (Nicolas Cage) and his servant RM Renfield (Nicholas Gault). They have been together for many years, and thanks to Dracula, Renfield gained access to the secrets of eternal life. However, over time, the servant realizes that his relationship with the master is abnormal. And when they move to New Orleans together, Renfield decides to finally end it all. But it’s not so easy to do.

In recent years, Nicolas Cage has appeared in films that focus on the main character or his relationship with a specific character. It was on such a structure that “The Unbearable Burden of Huge Talent” was based. “Renfield” was no exception to Cage’s new career vector.

The basis of the film was invented by Robert Kirkman, known for the comics “The Walking Dead” and “Invulnerable”. With fantasy and unusual ideas, the writer is in complete order. And even if he did not deal with the script of “Renfield”, but remained only with the producers, Kirkman’s typical approach is still noticeable in almost every scene.

For viewers, this means that a palpable level of brutality is combined with somewhat absurd humor. But in the context of an unusual look at Dracula, everything looks appropriate. Even when absolute nonsense unfolds on the screen, there are no additional claims to the script – everything here is so competently combined with each other.

The main reason to see Renfield at the movies is the acting of Cage and Galt. Their characters turned out to be charismatic in their own right, and together they really shine on the screen. Their toxic relationship and attempts to end it are the main engines of the local story.

Review of the film

The problems start when the script tries to tell something more than a strange story of a relationship between two equally strange people. And there are plenty of such moments in the film. Here you will find a love story, side stories, and attempts to show a grotesque criminal drama.

But all this does not work and distracts from the main essence of the movie. Instead of trying to understand themselves and each other, the characters spend time on a kind of “additional tasks” – and in such moments “Renfield” sinks very much. For a movie whose main strength is the main characters, the relationships between these main characters are too often pushed to the background.

“Renfield” constantly maintains a decent level of humor. It is very black and gloomy here, almost absurd in places. But at the same time, he always calls out to the issues of mutual relations that are understandable to all people. Review of the film

“Renfield” is a genuinely funny film that never descends into outright silliness.

The mood while watching is somewhat reminiscent of films from the VHS era or movies that are intended to be shown immediately on TV. And that probably best describes all of Renfield.

Before us is a well-thought-out and soulful, but still somewhat simple-minded movie. Outside of its main characters, it lacks originality, and interesting ideas here are lost in a stream of not very attractive moments.

Review of the film

Pros: excellent acting by Nicolas Cage and Nicolas Galt; an interesting idea at the heart of the plot; non-standard disclosure of the topic of toxic codependent relationships; an original look at the image of Dracula; funny comedy part Cons: the plot too often distracts from the main advantages of the film; overloaded with unnecessary and frankly uninteresting scenes; other interesting characters, except for Renfield and Dracula, in the film there are no Conclusions:

“Renfield” is a good movie. Of course, if you are able to look at the world with a somewhat down-to-earth perspective. After all, it has enough sagging moments and uninteresting decisions. However, the foundation is too good to pass up

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