Egregor Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Review of the film

The film “Egregor” reached the audience through a complex production cycle. It was planned to premiere on March 10, 2022, but the full-scale invasion of Russia put an end to it. In addition, the joint production of Ukraine, Poland and the USA also created its own difficulties. As a result, the premiere of “Egregor” took place six years after the start of filming. We will tell you in the review below how the movie turned out.

“Egregor” / Egregor

The genre is a mystical thriller
Directed by Stanislav Kapralov
Starring Omri Rose, Olena Lavreniuk, Valeria Karaman, Andrzej Zelinski, Olena Turbal
Premiere cinemas
Release year 2023
IMDb site

The girl Lesya (Olena Lavrenyuk) learns that her father, Professor Orest Grabovskyi (Daniel Olbrichskyi), committed suicide. However, the circumstances of his death are too vague, which leads the girl to thoughts of a conspiracy. She turns to American detective and family friend Arthur Weiss (Omri Rose) for help. Together they will have to dive into the mysterious world of Ukrainian churches and understand what the egregor is all about.

Egregor is a metaphysical term denoting a group non-physical entity, a kind of information field of a gathering of people with common goals.

There are various egregors in the world, for example, the egregor of the cinema or the state. However, with the help of manipulation of public consciousness, it is possible to bring some specific egregor to the fore – and thereby set the development vector of at least the entire country for many years to come.

The script of the film unfolds around this idea. The problem is that he himself does not clearly explain his terminology for some reason. The film is limited to a small recording of Professor Grabovsky’s speech, and quite formal, and that’s all. But this explanation should be the starting point of the plot. Without a normal tie-in, all other scenes of the film are perceived as somewhat far-fetched and even pointless.Review of the film

The screenwriter of the film Lyubomyr Levytskyi did not hide that the team was engaged in a kind of analogue of “The Da Vinci Code” with Ukraine in the main focus. “Egregor” resembles the work of Ron Howard in almost everything. This also applies to the pace of the plot, setting of scenes, dynamics of relationships between characters and general ideas. But the “Da Vinci Code”, even if it was far from perfect, worked quite masterfully with its main ideas.

One of the main problems of the film is editing. It is so torn and structureless that sometimes it is difficult to understand the sequence of events on the screen.

Heroes constantly unexpectedly move from one location to another. At one point, it went to extremes, when the characters at the end of the film say “they may have character X”, but the dead character X was shown to us almost at the very beginning of the story.

At the same time, the film manages to maintain the atmosphere of mystery quite successfully (if we do not take the vague connection of everything, of course). The story constantly throws up new details and plot twists. And the flavor of the Orthodox Church in combination with Ukrainian myths will definitely appeal to many.

The atmosphere is enhanced by the cinematography, which is at its best in the film. Many scenes differ not only in locations, but also in filming approaches. In one of them, for example, special lenses were put on the camera so that the light of the street lamps at night would blur into stripes. It turned out very aesthetically pleasing. And there are enough of such methods here.Review of the film

“Egregor” successfully doses dialogues, action and the revelation of another mystery. From the point of view of dynamics, this is by no means a dull or sloppy movie. Apparently, it doesn’t even “sag” too much – and all because of the above-mentioned chaotic editing.

Another important problem of the film is the composition of dialogues. Many phrases here seem to have been written by a neural network that was fed several dozen mediocre thrillers straight from the “scratch”. The main characters try to always seem witty, but it almost never works out.

But when it comes to more personal and psychological scenes, the situation becomes clearly better. Acting also helps. Yes, she does not grab the stars from the sky here (and sometimes she looks completely unconvincing), but in general she feels tolerable.Review of the film

The release of “Egregor” in Ukraine coincided well with the recent Easter. After all, people still have a fresh feeling of a religious holiday with all its mysteries. And the film just flirts with the theme of religion, so it will be able to find a response even on this level.

In general, “Egregor” does not cause much enthusiasm. Perhaps he lacks the poignancy of the finale of the same “Da Vinci Code”, which forced a different look at the history of mankind. The final answers in “Egregor” are as banal as possible. And as for a mystical thriller, this is almost a sentence.

Pros: a well-built atmosphere of mystery; colorful locations; excellent cinematography; an interesting combination of the nuances of Orthodoxy and Ukrainian traditions Cons: a terrible montage that destroys the entire immersion in history; silly and far-fetched dialogues; banal ending Conclusion:

“Egregor” is the case when the film was clearly “extended”. It has a lot of great ideas, but they all come crashing down on a very drawn-out production. One gets the impression that during this time the authors themselves forgot what they wanted to say

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