Wednesday Ending Explained & Plot Analysis

Wednesday ending explained: everything that happened in the Netflix series finale and what we know about season 2

Coming of Age High School Murder Mystery certainly delivered on what it promised, with a beautifully cast Jenna Ortega shining in the lead role of Wednesday.

There were many collective breath-holds when Netflix announced the Addams Family spin-off centered on the sarcastic Wednesday family member.(opens in a new tab)- Christina Ricci’s previous performance in this role was a huge step forward. However, the Wednesday cast and crew have filmed the latest iteration of the iconic classic gothic family with outstanding aplomb since it hit the streamer on November 23rd. after seeing a testicle removed from a school bully with piranhas.

The new Wednesday school is full of characters as socially diverse as herself, struggling with the same teenage angst she left at her regular school. The local murder adds intrigue to the story, along with captivating and nuanced characters. But how did the series end and were there any questions left unanswered? Read on for a full explanation of the end of Wednesday and everything we know about Season 2.

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Explanation of the end of “Wednesday”

Wednesday’s season finale begins a few days after Wednesday escapes the coffee shop after sharing her first kiss with Tyler, and during the kiss, a vision tells her that he is a Hyde monster.

“Wednesday” running away after an intimate moment confused Tyler, but she later confronts him boldly about how long he knew he was Hyde and when Dr. Kinbott unleashed the monster inside him. Tyler immediately feigns innocence, telling Wednesday that she needs to find a reason. When her new allies arrive and surround Tyler, he is outraged but is comforted by Bianca, who lulls him to sleep with her siren song. The gang chains him to the school shed, and Wednesday prepares to torture him into telling the truth.

As Wednesday gets ready, the gang tells Principal Weems what they’ve learned and Tyler’s father, the sheriff, is called in. Just as she is about to be tortured, on Wednesday, the sheriff stops her and takes her into custody on charges of kidnapping, along with Tyler on charges of murder. Wednesday is later released and the charges dropped, but before she leaves the station, Tyler confesses everything. He confesses that he is Hyde, saying that he enjoys killing and the taste of his victims’ fear. He devastatingly goes on to say that his feelings for Wednesday were never real, but only part of his master’s plan.

Wednesday leaves the station to go back to school, but upon returning to Nevermore Principal Weems claims to be fed up with her and the trouble she caused. It was decided that she should be excluded. Enid helps “Wednesday” get ready, and the next day she should return home. Wednesday discovers that Eugene has woken up after facing death and arranges to go to the hospital to see him before taking the train home. Eugene doesn’t remember much about the night of the fire, but remembers seeing the man who set fire to the cave wearing red boots. This information allows Wednesday to identify Tyler’s owner.

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