The Lego Movie Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The wonderful world of Lego is in danger: the dastardly Lord Business (Will Ferrell) is about to turn Lego into a frozen harmony with Adskl glue. But Business, by the way, was warned: the old wizard Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman) told the Lord about the prophecy, which spoke of the Chosen One, that he would be able to defeat evil. But Vitruvius was thrown into the abyss, and Business continues to build its most ingenious business plans.

Eight and a half years have passed. Simple construction worker Emmet Brikowski (Chris Pratt) lives in the city and does everything according to the instructions: he gets up, washes, takes a shower, eats breakfast, watches the news on TV, laughs at the “Where are my pants” program and goes to work. There he assembles structures according to the instructions (I insist that these are poems), and after work he goes to a sports bar to have a beer in the company of the same cheerful builders.

However, Emmett stands out from the rest of the builders. After all, they all have some kind of cool trick: one loves croissants, another loves giant sausages, the third can fart Appassionata with his navel, the fourth goes crazy for chicken wings and can gobble up a ton of them – and only Emmett does not stand out in anything like that. So, let’s be honest, no one likes him – well, just like Elliot in “Blinded by Desires”.

And suddenly something strange happens in Emmett’s measured life. After work, when he was about to go to a sports bar with the boys, the hard worker met Wild (Elizabeth Banks) looking for something at a construction site. Emmett follows her, falls into a pit and – finds the Resistance Block there, which was mentioned in an ancient prophecy, after which he loses consciousness.

Emmett wakes up from the fact that the Evil Cop (Liam Neeson) interrogates him, what is this thing stuck to his usual Lego back, after which the Savage saves the hard worker and tells him about the vile idea of ​​the Business, and also that it is he who is the Chosen One , so now all the hopes of the Lego world are focused on him. But Emmett – neither sleep nor spirit. What the hell is he Chosen One?! He is always used to doing everything according to the instructions!


“Why did you suddenly decide to write a review of the 2014 cartoon?” – readers who have watched this film for a long time may ask. But it just happened, I will answer. First of all, there are no new films coming out at all right now – the pandemic, you know – so I periodically watch relatively old films that I missed at one time. Secondly, I have Young Catalan – a big fan of Lego (he has about twenty different sets with which he plays quite actively), and he was waiting for this film, and then the film did not come out for a long time, and then, when it came out, he was in what in the wrong way … In a word, they didn’t watch it then, and then it was somehow forgotten, because all sorts of other interesting films came out.

But recently I was reminded of this film in the comments. And I thought, why not: I’ll watch with Young Catalan: I love good films that you can watch with your son, so that it would be interesting for him and me. Watching together – for my benefit – it brings you closer, you know.

Looked. To be honest, I was impressed – which is why I decided to write a full review. Because I wasn’t really expecting anything from this movie. It is clear that this will be a puppet cartoon with Lego figures, otherwise there is no point. But what can be done with Lego figures in general?

However, the creators of the picture – Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (they are screenwriters and directors) – showed that even with such a texture you can make a very interesting cartoon.

However, the basis was winning by definition: who, tell me, does not know Lego – wonderful Danish constructors with which you can create entire worlds? Everyone knows Lego, almost every family has Lego, the army of Lego fans amounts to tens (if not hundreds) of millions, so it’s clear that they would have gone to the movie anyway.

But this could be done badly. And it could be done well. Lord and Miller did well. This is such a curious story where Lord Business tries to kill all intelligent life in the Lego Universe with glue in the name of Harmony – as he understands it, where the fictitious Chosen One still chooses the right pill and helps the Grand Masters cope with Lord Business, and also here a very good parallel is drawn with the real world, where it all came from.

For adults, there are a bunch of downright gorgeous cinephile references: I count fifteen, and IMDB lists forty-one references. Here you have “The Good, the Bad, the Evil” and “The Godfather” and “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” and “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones” and “Terminator” and “James Bond” and Toy Story, and of course The Matrix, and Austin Powers, and Harry Potter, and The Lord of the Rings, and Squad America, all in all, it’s great.

At the same time, despite a bunch of references and parallels (characters from a bunch of comics and movie universes that are released in Lego sets participate in the form of the Great Masters), here is a quite intelligible story with very good dramaturgy and the idea that the detailed instructions that are used to create these Lego worlds are, of course, good, but if you show your imagination and act no longer according to instructions, then you will become a demiurge creating your own worlds!

All this with very good humor, with funny jokes, with the most colorful characters – Savage, her boyfriend Batman (he was gorgeously voiced by Will Arnett – whoever watched “Studio 30” knows who he is), Ironbeard, Kitty and Evil Cop, who is also the Good Cop.

Lego worlds are some incredibly impressive. I understand that part of it was drawn on computers, but the scale is simply amazing: it immediately brings to mind the Parisian Legoland, only in the cartoon the spectacle is something on a larger scale, which makes a very strong impression.

Young Catalan, of course, was completely delighted during the viewing, and after watching, he told me, looking at his father with the eyes of an orphan of the 80th level: “Now, if I had all those sets that are shown in the film, then I would the happiest teenager in the world!” I remarked to him that he already has only about twenty sets, and I’m ready to give him the rest, but on the condition that he gives us a house only twice as large as ours, all these Lego sets are simply won’t get in. And I didn’t even begin to remind about my bleeding parental wounds: how many times I stepped on these damn Lego parts with bare feet and how many really indecent words I said at the same time … I’m not proud of this, but a fact is a fact.

But they made a good movie, really, I really liked it. The film has an excellent rating, and it collected a lot of money – the TCC is already 7.8 (from 3 – it has already paid off). The rating of the sequel is so-so, the money was collected only tolerably, so I won’t watch it anymore. And there was also “LEGO Ninjago” – it does have a low rating and TCC below 2 – this is a failure.

But I didn’t regret watching this movie. And if you missed it, then here are the cards in your hands: watch with your child / children – this is great fun for the whole family. I really didn’t expect that such an exciting movie can be made with Lego figures.


Lego Movie / The Lego Movie movie meaning

Director: Phil Lord, Christopher Miller Cast: Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Craig Berry, Alison Brie, David Burroughs, Anthony Daniels

Budget: $60M, Worldwide Grossing: $468M
Animation, USA-Denmark-Australia, 2014, 100 min.

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