Vacation Friends 2 Movie Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

On August 25, the streaming service Hulu presented the action-comedy “Holiday Buddies 2,” which is a continuation of the 2021 film. All the main stars of the film from two years ago returned to their roles, and we, in turn, tell you in the review below whether John Cena and company should have gotten involved in this story again.

Pros: the film is really capable of making you laugh and entertain, even if the humor here is questionable and the plot is replete with cliches; nice team of actors, light, relaxed atmosphere Cons: the project is a complete genre cliché, and its creators are not trying to go beyond the standard stupid comedy about nothing, which we have already seen a hundred times; the Mexican nanny storyline should just be torn off and thrown away

Vacation Friends 2

Genre crime comedy, action adventure
Directed by Clay Tarver
Starring: John Cena, Lil Rel Howery, Meredith Hagner, Yvonne Orji, Steve Buscemi
Hulu premiere
Year of release 2023
IMDb website

Four newly-made best friends, Marcus, Emily, Ron and Kayla, decide to go on a shared vacation to the Caribbean. This time the vacation should pass without unpleasant surprises, although the incorrigible Marcus does not forget about work even here. He plans to strike a deal with local hotel owners, planning ahead as usual.

But these plans are not destined to come true, because Kayla’s father, a seemingly harmless guy named Reese Hackford, joins the carefree vacationers. He had recently been released from prison and immediately decided to congratulate his daughter on her recent wedding. However, Reese’s appearance is too disruptive to Marcus’s plans and generally ruins the vacation for everyone involved.

Not only does the harmful father-in-law not want to make friends with Ron, the nicest big guy in the world, he also brings trouble to everyone by associating with the local, not very friendly, criminal elements.

The first “Holiday Buddies” was released during the COVID-19 era and became a hit on the streaming service Hulu. The film can hardly be called a pearl of the comedy genre. But, perhaps, silly adventures among the picturesque Mexican landscapes seemed a real consolation for viewers who had previously spent enough time within the four walls of their own homes.

In the sequel, director and screenwriter Clay Tarver had to look for new ideas for developing the relationship of the main characters, because they sorted out their differences in the first part.

So Steve Buscemi’s hero was called upon to become a catalyst for new problems. His appearance somewhat shifted the emphasis of the story in a different direction, which gave appropriate energy and was clearly beneficial.

“Vacation Buddies 2” offers not only a standard clichéd story about a spoiled vacation among paradise beaches and tall palm trees, but also takes something from the crime action genre. True, he does it no less clichéd.

In general, it’s a shame to even mention any surprises in a movie of this kind. The storyline of Marcus, eager to get a deal done through humiliating attempts to please the other side, is a complete nightmare straight out of 2000s rom-coms. And we shouldn’t forget about the baseness of the local humor. However, this does not mean that he is not funny at all.

The film tries to bring humor and likable characters, and this is definitely its best aspect.

Even if from the first to the last frame it is completely bad taste, there will be something to laugh at. Just look at the episode with the cocaine package, shamelessly creepy, but painfully funny.

John Cena has already firmly established himself in the major cinematic league, allowing him to be a frequent guest on screens (just this month, “Mission for Two” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” were released, where he voiced Rocksteady). It is noticeable that the popular wrestler feels good in the role of an incendiary, merry fellow.

She coped well with her role as the eccentric girlfriend of Sina and Meredith Hagner’s character. But the Howery-Orji couple again looks pale compared to their colleagues.

While watching, you shouldn’t be under any illusions, because “Vacation Friends 2” is a completely mediocre movie with stupid jokes and weak ambitions. However, this does not prevent him from openly delighting and distracting from the harsh reality. Even if you have to laugh at the utter nonsense.


Probably, the tape can qualify for a one-time viewing. But in this case, it is recommended to become as unpretentious a viewer as possible.

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