The Courier Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Pros: Kurylenko’s attempt to play the lead role in an action movie; music that sets the pace of the action Cons: stereotyped depiction of negative and positive characters; terrible dialogues; obvious plot of “The Courier” / The Courier

Genre Action
Directed by Zachary Adler
Starring Olga Kurylenko (courier), Gary Oldman (Ezekiel), Amit Shah (Nick), Dermot Mulroney (Robert), William Moseley (Bryant), Alicia Agneson (Simmonds), Craig Conway (Parlow), etc.
Rollercoaster Angel Productions, Signature Films
Year of release 2019
IMDb website

The beginning of the film shows the preparation for the trial of a famous businessman named Ezekiel Munnings (Gary Oldman). Security guards protect a valuable witness, Nick (Amit Shah), whose words could put the cynical Munnings behind bars. Meanwhile, an anonymous courier (Olga Kurylenko) delivers a package, unaware that there is something inside that could kill the guy preparing to testify. Realizing what was happening in time, the courier saves Nick’s life. However, they will not be able to escape far; Munnings sent mercenaries who will not rest until they eliminate the target they were given.

This delightful plot amazes not only with its “original” plot. In terms of the quality of editing, the film is reminiscent of television films that were made ten to fifteen years ago in order to somehow fill up the airtime. The dialogue here is also wonderful and extremely eloquent. The negative characters could have limited themselves to just one phrase “you can’t escape”, and the plot would not have changed one bit.

There wouldn’t be any complaints about the film at all if it were an ordinary low-budget action movie. Here there is a fight, and then shots are heard from around the corner – it would seem that what else is needed. But for some unknown reason, Gary Oldman starred in the film, so it’s quite natural to expect good acting from the film, or at least a bright transformation into a villain.


It’s hard to forget that last year Gary Oldman was awarded an Oscar for his role in the film Darkest Hour, where he played Winston Churchill. The actor’s filmography includes other, no less significant works that have become classics of modern cinema. Alas, now there is a dark spot called “Courier”, which is better to ignore in order to avoid disappointment.

If it had been anyone else in Gary Oldman’s shoes, his character could have been a lot of fun with his formulaic portrait. He lives in a big house, enjoys the opera and authoritatively issues decrees over the telephone. The villain also wears an eye patch (as a sign that the screenwriter cannot otherwise characterize the negative essence of the hero) and shows off his scars, the origin of which we will never know.


Things aren’t much better with Olga Kurylenko’s character. She’s like a machine that knows no physical limits and can take on the bad guys with ease. Of course, for the sake of decency, the make-up artists add bloody abrasions to her, but at some point the need for this simply disappears – the heroine is too resilient for all the blows and shots. By the way, nothing bad can be said about Olga Kurylenko’s performance in the action film; the actress was simply unlucky with the project.

The director and screenwriter of The Courier was Zachary Adler, who had previously directed several romantic films and unknown crime dramas. He focuses with particular zeal on protracted fights, obvious setups and monologues of negative characters, because of which the victim will once again be able to escape.

If we abstract ourselves, the director somehow manages to create an action film in which the most important thing is not the plot, but the presence of action. You can watch this thanks to the rhythmic musical background, which sets the battle rhythm. Without the soundtrack, it would be very difficult to endure the same type of scenes.


If you don’t want to be disappointed in Gary Oldman, it’s better not to watch the film

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