Rocky Road to Berlin Movie Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Kuzma Scriabin is one of the greatest artists of modern Ukrainian culture. His death in 2015 in a car accident left a permanent scar on the face of the Ukrainian music scene. At the same time, Scriabin’s legacy and his work continue to live on today. The film “Me, Pobeda and Berlin” is one example of the realization of the artist’s legacy. We’ll tell you in our review how the movie turned out.


decent musical accompaniment that will allow you to listen to the familiar music of Scriabin in a new way; ideal atmosphere and genre reproduction of a road adventure; acting, especially of the main character; light spirit without unnecessary moralizing


small details may raise questions or doubts

“Me, Pobeda and Berlin” / Rocky Road to Berlin

Genre road trip
director Olga Ryashina
Starring Ivan Blindar, Vladimir Geva, Maria Stopnik, Vitaly Gordienko
Premiere cinemas
Release year 2024
IMDb website

The film is based on the story of the same name by Kuzma himself, which was published in 2006. This is the story of the beginning of Scriabin’s career. Then Kuzma (Ivan Blindar) strongly doubted the need to continue his creative attempts. And life gave him the opportunity to exchange his old Pobeda car for a six hundredth Mercedes. The singer decided to take this opportunity to impress the girl, and at the same time, think through his life path. Thus began his road adventure.

The original story “Me, Pobeda and Berlin” was based on the life of Kuzma himself, but had fictional characters. The film decided to remove the extra layer of artistry, so the main character here is Scriabin himself. Of course, the nuances of the source material call into question the veracity of some elements of the film. But if you remember the atmosphere that Kuzma himself generated around himself, then for some reason, without unnecessary hesitation, you believe in the veracity of the events from the movie.

When the conversation turns to Scriabin, his songs are automatically remembered. Therefore, it is the musical component that can be considered almost the key one in the film. And she didn’t disappoint here. Many famous Scriabin songs were re-recorded for the cinema. Famous Ukrainian artists like Jamala and the TVORCHI group were invited for new versions. The covers turned out to be as diverse as possible, but at the same time successful. Therefore, everyone here will definitely find something to suit their tastes and will be able to hear their favorite songs in interesting interpretations.

Good music is an essential element of any good road trip, and this is the central genre of the film. “Me, Pobeda and Berlin” constantly presents the main characters with new situations and challenges that demonstrate not even their abilities or intelligence, but simply their attitude to life. It is Kuzma’s attitude that helps him find amazing adventures and no less amazing solutions to his problems.

And all this – without unnecessary moralizing, lessons or instructions. If you really want, you can find high meanings in the cinema, reflections of some unpleasant moments from Ukraine in the 90s and rather sharp social nuances that play with new colors in the modern political situation. But this is all at your discretion; the film crew will not stand over you with their “important thoughts.” Instead, it gives maximum positivity and warmth, as if from meeting an old friend whom you are always glad to see.

“Me, “Victory” and Berlin” is almost the kindest movie of modern Ukrainian cinema. At the same time, it does not seem too naive. Any situations here have clear consequences and a solid foundation under them.

There are no questions at all about the script. It is all the more important that the film was released in such difficult times for Ukraine. It seems to give hope and longing for a time when everything will finally be fine.

Ivan Blindar perfectly portrayed Kuzma Scriabin. If you think about it, it might even become a little scary from their similarity. Even the movements and manner of speech are quite consistent with those of the deceased artist.

The other actors also give very nice performances. I would especially like to mention the character of the Bard (Vladimir Geva). His image does not fit into the typical framework of movie scripts, so sometimes he seems like an antagonist, sometimes like a representative of “gray morality.” But the truth is that the Bard is a very ordinary person with his own methods of solving life’s problems, and with his own share of charisma. Geva conveyed all these nuances perfectly.

“Me, Pobeda and Berlin” will also delight viewers with its landscapes and city colors. You literally experience a real journey with the main characters.

The diversity here is not only in the locations, but even in the way they are depicted. The special atmosphere of different places here is conveyed through camera angles and color palette. That is, even from the technical side there are no complaints about the film.

Still, I would like to turn on the critic and find some disadvantages or dubious points. But it is very difficult to do this – and even then it will be more about little things. For example, about a local depiction of a drug trip, which is not original. But even it can be perceived as a reference to the film Trainspotting by Danny Boyle.

Everything here is so beautiful and clean that it’s as if you become kinder while watching it. Without deliberately trying to hook something in your soul, “Me, Pobeda and Berlin” still sticks in your mind, becoming a salvation from the everyday routine. And this is the biggest victory of this movie, which will not only be a worthy replica of Scriabin’s achievements, but will definitely become one of the best films of modern Ukrainian cinema.

And here there was a role for blogger Vitaly Gordienko, who runs the YouTube channel “Zagin kinomaniv”. Therefore, next time, think three times before saying that he does nothing to promote Ukrainian cinema to the masses.


“Me, Pobeda and Berlin” is a movie that you can watch with all your friends and recommend to all people in general. It is light, carries an almost mystical energy and does not cause boredom throughout its 104 minutes of running time. Audiences in other countries may not be able to understand all the local nuances. But for every Ukrainian, this movie will be a good reminder of what an incredible person Kuzma Scriabin was. And even outside of that, it’s still a great film.

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