Revolutionary Road Ending Explained & Plot Analysis

After watching the movie, do you have more questions than answers? Let me help you find the hidden meaning of Revolutionary Road and also explain what the movie’s ending means.

The events of the film “Revolutionary Road” (2008) take viewers to the 50s of the twentieth century. The characters of the story are a simple married couple dreaming of a better life. The heroes live in a small provincial town, but they understand that their life seems to pass them by. They have a great desire to move to Paris. Only on the way to their goal they will meet many trials prepared for them by fate. Will they be able to take their will into a fist and carry out what they have been striving for for so long?! Let’s analyze what hidden meaning the creators put into their work.

What is Revolutionary Road (2008) about?

In the film “Revolutionary Road” the audience gets acquainted with a married couple. They seem to stand out from the people around them. Frank is a young man who constantly flies in the clouds. He’s cute, smart, charming. His wife is the embodiment of femininity at its best. The characters could have achieved dizzying heights in many areas of life, but something went wrong. The heroes of the film simply exist, realizing that all their activities do not bring them happiness. A woman bitterly realizes that she did not dream of such a life. She also believes that she can change everything.

April tries to convince her husband that there is nothing holding them back in their provincial town anymore. It’s time for a radical change. Either now or never. They simply have to go to Paris. According to April, it is in this city that Frank will be able to realize himself. The heroine will also find a job that she will like. Their children will have opportunities that they do not even dream of now. Frank understands that his wife is right. He is ready to drop everything, board a white ship and set off towards his happiness. However, fate throws unexpected surprises to the heroes. A man wants to be promoted at his previous job, and the woman understands that she is expecting a child. The heroes had to overcome their fears, cope with obsessive thoughts, in order to finally understand what they really want.

The meaning of the film “Revolutionary Road” (2008)

Dissatisfaction with one’s own life leads to the fact that a person ceases to experience positive emotions. It accumulates anger, bordering on hopelessness. When negative emotions begin to overflow, a person begins to break down. Then people begin to express their claims to relatives and friends. And over time, there are no traces of the former warm, trusting, sincere relations. People, by their actions and deeds, alienate those who are truly dear and necessary to them. Many live like this all their lives. They quarrel, swear, reconcile. And everything is repeated as if in a circle. In order not to get bogged down in this quagmire, people must change their lives, fill it with bright colors and pleasant and joyful moments.

The meaning of the film “Revolutionary Road” is to make the audience understand how difficult it is to make a choice on which the whole future life depends. A positive attitude in any business is extremely important. But when fears, temptations, weaknesses take over a person, he is lost, does not know what step he should take. His habits begin to work against the character himself. He is haunted by thoughts: what if I can’t cope, and if I don’t have enough strength to complete what I have planned. It is important in such a situation to remain calm and not allow emotions to take over the mind.

Changing habits is always difficult. But when the old life does not suit you, you need to decide and take this step. The human essence is directly related to the emotional component. It’s not easy to turn off feelings when there’s so much at stake. To make a difficult decision, a person needs time to weigh the pros and cons. However, when it is not there, it is necessary to act here and now.

Explanation of the ending of the film “Revolutionary Road”

The characters initially decided that they would not live like everyone else. They firmly knew that they simply had to fill their lives with happiness. The heroes of the film did not pay attention to the opinions of the outside. Frank and April were able to build their own little world, the rules of which were set only by them. The couple did not strive to meet the criteria of an exemplary family accepted in society. And the woman once said that they just needed to go to France. Paris. Why not?! The husband agreed that it was a great idea. Only further events did not fit into their plan at all. But difficulties did not frighten them.

Frank and April are naive, sincere, people in love. They were sure that life in Paris was a gift, that it was in France that everything that they could only dream of in their provincial town awaited them. Only adults at first glance, people did not take into account that reality is much harsher. Reality is unpredictable, it is fraught with a lot of problems, unpleasant events, trials.

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