Captain America: The First Avenger movie review (Quick Reviews ep 4)

I’m sure you’ve seen the Captain America: Civil War commercials on TV and, in preparation for what is (for me) the most anticipated movie of the year, I bring you the fourth episode of Quick Reviews, a look at the first Captain America movie, The First Avenger.
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Ricki and the Flash movie review (Quick Reviews ep 3)

Episode 3 of Quick Reviews is here!  Today, we take a look at Ricki and the Flash, a rare movie that completely wastes Meryl Streep.   Read the rest of this entry

Trainwreck movie review (Quick Reviews ep 2)

Here’s the newest episode of Quick Reviews – a look at Trainwreck, the excellent rom-com from Amy Schumer.   Read the rest of this entry

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Quick Reviews)


Here’s the first episode of Quick Reviews – these ramblings on Star Wars: The Force Awakens went on longer than I wanted, but hey, it’s Star Wars.  I can talk about Star Wars all day long, never mind five minutes.

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Time-Lapse Set Build (Quick Reviews)

Ever wanted to see someone set up a green screen stage in their basement at 1000 times the normal speed of time?  This is your chance!  Then, see it in action on the trailer for my new show, Quick Reviews, which debuts this Monday, April 4th!

Quick Reviews debuts Monday, April 4th!

Here’s a short promo video to introduce my new show, Quick Movie Reviewswhich debuts on Monday, April 4th.  You can catch new episodes here and on my YouTube channel as well as get notifications when new videos drop via Facebook and Twitter.  See you there!

Where’s my dog?

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#FeelTheBern ? Check again.


Sanders seen in his usual pose: singling the wait staff for the check.

Since the Republican Primary has descended into a literal dick measuring competition, I thought today was as good a time as any to take a microcosm-ish look at the battle on the Democratic side for the nomination of President to these United States. Read the rest of this entry

Will Reading – a movie in production by (update #9)


Here’s a taste of what you’re missing on our Facebook page.


It’s been a while.  Shooting is done, but the war is not yet over.  Here’s a rare video update: Read the rest of this entry

Hunger Games + Republican Presidential Primary (JEB edition)



After my first Hunger Games The Fallen + Republican Presidential Primary video, I had to step up my game for JEB.

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Hunger Games + Republican Primary


See the Republican Primary Fallen in a Hunger Games format.  Obviously.

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Louie + Life with Louie (AKA Life with Louie CK)


Here’s a quick mashup of the openings to Life with Louie and Louie. Read the rest of this entry

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