Money Heist Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

After the robbery of the Spanish mint, when the fighting squad led by the Professor (Alvaro Morte) had something like two hundred and something million euros, everyone split up and hid in all directions. Furious Tokyo (Ursula Corbero) is relaxing on the tropical island of Guna Yala in the Caribbean with gentle hacker Rio (Miguel Herrán), but the further she goes, the more her half-vegetarian existence annoys her. Tokyo needs parties, people, whirl around it. And here – this quiet island, which for two years already, to be honest, got to the point of impossibility.

And then Tokyo declares to Rio that she needs to escape somewhere to go crazy, and in splendid isolation. I can’t promise that I’ll be back soon, admits Tokio and advises Rio, just in case, to assume that she is leaving forever.

Romantic Rio gives Tokyo an unregistered transmitter: they from Helsinki (Darko Herich) bought these transmitters from some crooks. Rio suggests calling every three days for no more than five minutes.

Of course, when Rio got in touch for the first time, Interpol immediately detected this call from Guna Yala, after which a special forces detachment was sent for Rio, and after the arrest, a terrible woman, Inspector Alicia Sierra (Niva Nimri), whom even police colleagues call “the main bitch among all bitches.”

Tokyo looks for the Professor and tells them what happened. They know that Rio will be tortured horribly so that he betrays them. But in fact, Rio can tell almost nothing – the Professor has well thought out the scheme for dispersing the detachment.

However, the Professor thinks they should get Rio out. How? To commit another daring robbery and in negotiations to demand the return of Rio to them in exchange for part of the hostages. They gathered to rob only the main “Bank of Spain”, which stores the country’s gold reserves.

This plan was developed long ago by Berlin (Pedro Alonso) with his friend Palermo (Rodrigo De la Serna). At the same time, a plan was developed to rob the mint – and it was this plan that the Professor preferred. However, now we can return to the idea of ​​robbing the Bank of Spain, especially since public opinion is on the side of the Professor’s group, and besides, the Professor will not forget to scatter several millionaires on the streets so that this opinion is even more inclined towards them.

They went to this robbery in full force, and together with Denver (Jaime Laurente), the former secretary of the head of the mint, Monica Gastambide (Esther Asebo), also went. Inside the bank, Palermo will now be their boss, and the Professor will, as usual, manage the operation remotely, and he is now assisted by former police inspector Raquel Mourinho (Itziar Itunho), who, as you know, is in love with the Professor. Raquel was nicknamed Lisbon.

Colonel Prieto (Juan Fernandez), like last time, tries to lead the operation, but he can’t cope with the situation, and then Colonel Tamayo (Fernando Cayo) takes over the operation: he calls the same Alicia Sierra to help him.

And the confrontation begins.


The first two seasons of Paper House were, in fact, a complete story. The mint was robbed, who survived – managed to escape with the money, so now everyone will enjoy a well-deserved pension.

However, The Paper House was so wildly popular—it became the highest-rated non-English-language series on Netflix—that Netflix ordered two more seasons, which also had to tell a complete story, and, of course, the story of another robbery.

Yes, of course, the robbery as such is clearly far-fetched here. The team after the last robbery stole so much money that they would have time to spend it in a lifetime. And if it was only about the liberation of Rio, then they could, for example, simply take hostages during some public event and start bargaining with the police.

But just hostages – of course, this did not suit either Netflix or the audience, therefore – welcome to another robbery, which, of course, came up with Berlin, so this colorful character can be shown in flashbacks – to the great delight of the public. (And to my delight, too, because Pedro Alonso is amazingly charismatic.)

The beginning looked too Hollywood and forced. Yes, and the team became strange: introduced as a field commander, Palermo, before the power of Berlin, was like the moon, and he behaved there accordingly – he became more and more hysterical. Why did the secretary Monica Gastambide, who is also nursing a baby, the fruit of sinful love with the former director of the Mint, suddenly become so dumbfounded and now, with a weapon in her hands, will take part in the robbery – it was completely incomprehensible. Yes, and Raquel’s active participation in the robbery against her former colleagues also raised legitimate questions.

But nevertheless, it started as it began, and then it began to sway quite well and excitingly. And there were not so many outright logical blunders (well, if you don’t particularly find fault, of course, but keep in mind that this is all an adventure movie), especially since in the first two seasons there were enough of these blunders, which did not negate the excellent general serial level.

The ending of the third season – just five points, well done! Moreover, nothing has ended, the robbery is in the middle, because the final fourth season is coming, which has already been filmed.

With charismatic characters here is slightly worse than in the first two seasons. Familiar members of the team rock as before, with Tokyo and Nairobi especially good. But the new members of the team are somehow completely expressionless, and I don’t even remember their faces. However, they always stay somewhere on the back.

But with the police, everything is much better. Colonel Tamayo – solid and imposing, looks cooler than Prieto. And the crazy aunt-inspector Alicia Sierra, who is late in pregnancy and at the same time smokes like a steam locomotive, is something with something, a colorful character.

I didn’t expect anything special from the third season: I thought that they started all this in vain and would simply spoil the impression of the first two seasons. (Let me remind you that on Netflix two seasons were glued into one, but in the original there were exactly two seasons of 9 and 6 episodes, and they were longer, which was later rewired.)

Nevertheless, the third season for me turned out to be better than I expected. It is more tense, of course, it cannot be compared with the first story, but nevertheless, I think that we managed and were able to: it all looks pretty exciting and Bagel and I were not disappointed.

Now we are waiting for the fourth season: let’s see if they can adequately complete this story and what will happen there.

So if you watch without high expectations – viewing, in my opinion, is quite worthy.


Money Heist 6 season / La Casa de Papel, Season 6 meaning

Director: Alex Pina Cast: Ester Asebo, Naiva Nimri, Fernando Cayo, Rodrigo De la Serna, Darko Peric, Mario de la Rosa, Fernando Soto, Enrique Arce, Jaime Lorente, Miguel Herrán, Alba Flores, Pedro Alonso, Alvaro Morte, Itziar Itunho, Ursula Corbero, Juan Fernandez

Series, Spain, 2019, 70 min. 8 episodes

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