Meaning of The Devil’s Calendar & Explanation of the ending

Horror is one of the most popular genres of cinema among young people and the older generation. Due to their unusual plot, vivid special effects and the ability to scare, they won the hearts of millions of viewers. Many horror films are already boring and there is no pleasure in revisiting them. Some of them are simply not interesting because they do not have a sharp plot, the actors are poorly chosen, or the quality of the shooting remains at a low level, like we are in 2004. However, there are such horror films that it is simply impossible to break away from. He also entered the top of the most popular horror films – “The Devil’s Calendar”. By itself, it is not only unusual, but also contains a lot of meaning. This will be discussed further.

The meaning of the movie “Devil’s Calendar”

At the beginning of the film, the viewer gets acquainted with the main character – Eve, whose life we ​​will encounter throughout the film. A young girl has a paralysis that happened to her a couple of years ago, so her main ability to move around is a wheelchair. Her hobby is dancing. All her life she dreamed of conquering big stages with her pirouettes, but fate presented her with other opportunities. She lost the ability to walk in a car accident, so her dreams were shattered.

The young girl worked in the office of John, her boss. Every day she endured a complete lack of understanding, a rude attitude. The dog is the only consolation for young Eve. The life of a young girl becomes much brighter when her old friend Sophie comes to visit her, who brought an old Christmas calendar with her as a gift to Eve. When the girl opened the calendar, she saw several sweets on which certain rules were written:

The calendar contains a lot of sweets. When you eat one, you eat all. You don’t eat – you die; All rules must be followed until the last cell is opened. The slightest violation is murder; If you decide to throw away the calendar – murder.

As soon as Eve decides to eat the first candy, she automatically becomes a player under the guidance of Ish, who can be either a demon or a monster from the other world. The first candy eaten by Eve is the favorite candy of her father, who lost his memory due to a serious illness. However, the girl does not manage to eat the next one – the cell was closed before 00:00.

Soon, the girl has the opportunity to eat a second candy, but with a new message. On the wrapper of the candy was written a phrase from the Bible, which Jesus Christ said to a paralyzed man: “Get up and walk.” The girl believed for a long time that this was another cruel joke, but everything is different. She is directly hinted that they are able to fulfill her desire and dream. Very soon, an inexplicable thing for Eve happens – her father calls to say a couple of congratulatory words for her birthday. However, the catch was that because of Alzheimer’s disease, dad could not speak, and the phone from which he called did not work for three years. As you can see, the evil spirits have done their job here.

After such an outburst, Eva decides to talk to Sophia and find out where she got this calendar from and what kind of sweets it contains. However, the girl did not find out anything interesting for herself. It turns out that Sophie bought this calendar from some passerby, but due to the fact that it was brought from Germany, it is likely that they may contain hallucinogenic drugs that cause strange thoughts and emotions.

Soon, a couple of times, Eve gets the opportunity to walk thanks to “miraculous” candies, which are controlled by an otherworldly force. The opportunity to walk cost her dearly, because she lost her father, a roommate, her beloved dog, a work colleague, Sophie and her boyfriend, and also her boyfriend who disobeyed the second rule. A little later, the girl discovered a small warning and decides to write her own story.

What is the ending of the horror movie “Devil’s Calendar” about?

The ending of the film was shown as follows. The young lady loses hope and strength to cope with all problems. Her main goal is to recover from paralysis and make her dream come true – to dance on the big stage. Almost at the very end of the film, the girl decides to send the ominous calendar to her stepmother as a gift, but Agnes, in turn, threw the trinket into the burning fireplace. Upon returning to her father’s house, the girl found her stepmother dead, whose head was in the fireplace. Because of an attempt to get rid of the sinister calendar, Yisha killed Eve’s stepmother.

Eva soon arrives to meet her father, bringing him candy from the calendar. The girl confessed to her father that she killed her stepmother not as a sacrifice for Ishu, but for personal satisfaction. The father was a smart man, so he realized that he would be next. The girl shot her father, because in her thoughts there was only one desire – to start walking and dancing again. She was well aware that if Ishu did not get a new victim, then she might not have a chance to recover.

December 24, midnight and the opening of a new calendar cell. Anton, in a fit of anger, resorts to Eva with attempts to persuade her not to do this. The guy tried his best to explain to the girl that she completely misunderstood the written rules.

The main meaning of the ending of the film “Devil’s Calendar” is as follows. Firstly, the rules of the Ishu game cease to be active precisely after the opening of the last door, and not after the owner eats the last candy. Anton acted wisely, throwing away the calendar with the last door open, in order to show Eve that otherworldly forces would no longer touch her.

The young girl has the following choice:

Eat the last candy on the calendar and delete from your life everything that happened to her for so long and forget about the opportunity to recover and fulfill your dream; Refuse the last candy and make your dream come true.

However, the catch was just in the choice of Eve, because if she decides to be healthy, then every killed member in her life will remain on her conscience and it will be impossible to return them.

At the end of the film, the girl screams in pain, because throughout the film she could not decide anything that would help her. Due to constant attempts to recover, the girl simply turned into a serial killer who each time killed her relative, friend or boyfriend. Ishu turned Eve into a similar monster that takes the souls of innocent people, but this understanding came to Eve only after a long time.

The final minutes of the film become far more horrifying than the film itself. A man comes to the girl’s doorstep with a bloody child in his arms. A man who received a new candy calendar from Ishu found a message from a young girl and came to her. He knocked for a long time, but the girl did not open the door. The ending shows that the man still manages to get through and the door opens.

What does the whole ending of the movie mean? Only one conclusion can be drawn here – evil is immortal. It envelops our souls, promising a “star from heaven” and at such moments a person is ready to make any sacrifice in order to achieve his desires. The viewer can only be pleased by the fact that the girl still refused a complete cure and did not eat the last sinister candy.

In any case, the ending came out dark, but it has a deep meaning.

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