Locke & Key Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Pros: The comic book adaptation is finally out; the character Bodie played by Jackson Robert Scott; details of the Locke house; development of events at the end of the first season Cons: the script is supplemented with very boring romantic plots; there are no truly scary Locke & Key episodes

Genre Horror, fantasy
Creators: Carlton Cuse, Meredith Averill, Aron Eli Colate
Cast: Darby Stanchfield (Nina Locke), Connor Jessup (Tyler Locke), Emilia Jones (Kinsey Locke), Jackson Robert Scott (Bodie Locke), Petris Jones (Scott Cavendish), Lysla de Oliviera (Dodge), Griffin Gluck (Gabe) , Bill Heck (Randell Locke), Aaron Ashmore (Duncan Locke), Sherri Som (Ellie Whedon), Thomas Mitchell Barnett (Sam Lasser), Kevin Alves (Javi), etc.
Netflix channel
Year of release 2020
Episodes 10
Site IMDb

The Locke Key comics, whose plot was invented by writer Joe Hill (son of Stephen King), could not be filmed for quite some time. At first, they planned to turn the horror story into a multi-part project for the Fox channel; its pilot episode was even shown at Comic-Con in San Diego, but the series never made it to television.

Hulu then ambitiously snatched up the film rights, assembling a new team of actors, producers and directors. Hulu also had problems with the production process, and in 2018 the ubiquitous Netflix took the initiative, prudently leaving showrunner Carlton Cuse, known for the TV series Lost, on the production team.

The plot of the series introduces the Locke family, which experiences the tragic death of its father and moves to the large estate where he spent his childhood. The new place is not exciting for teenagers Tyler and Kinsey, who have to make friends again and adapt to a new school. But Bodie’s youngest son really enjoys exploring the huge house. It is he who one day hears the mysterious whisper of a creature that calls the boy from the well and tells him to find the keys hidden throughout the mansion. Bodie doesn’t know where their power lies or how they connect to his family’s history. He also has no idea who else is trying to get the keys.


The Locke house is an important part of the plot, so it was built specifically for the start of filming, focusing on details from the comics. The mansion is impressive with its façade and also impressive with its interior furnishings, with a wooden staircase surrounded by dozens of paintings and antique lamps. This space is ideal for unnerving scenes from sinister horror films.


Unfortunately, the creators of the series are in no hurry to take advantage of the location. That’s because the Locke Key adaptation tones down the dark elements without risking making a truly scary fantasy. Of course, there are tense moments here, but they only half work. Apparently, the showrunners were given the task of focusing on teenage and partly family content. By the way, the naivety and softness of the storyline combines a little strangely with the frankly adult scenes that for some reason appear in the first episodes.


As for the main characters, it is interesting to watch them exactly until they embark on romantic twists and turns, decorated with empty and boring dialogues. These lines are written so poorly that you want to skip certain moments. It seems that the torment of love not only attracts a teenage audience, but also stretches the material so that there is enough for a second season.


But the moments with Bodie’s youngest brother are always interesting, since his character is most fascinated by the mystical events associated with the keys. The boy is played by the charming young actor Jackson Robert Scott (remembered for his cameo but touching role in the horror film It), who portrays sincere interest and surprise at the discovery of magical secrets. In contrast, the actors playing the older brother and sister react to everything in a very matter-of-fact manner, without conveying the inner fears of their characters.


It hardly sounds encouraging, but the Locke Keys series becomes fascinating as it approaches its final episodes. Not only do they begin to reveal secrets, but the presentation of filming also changes. It turns out that the last two episodes were directed by Vincenzo Natali, the director of the films “Cube” and “Chimera” (Splice). However, the showrunners also manage to dilute the final episodes, in which Vincenzo Natali adds a dark color, with boring dialogues.


Some reviewers have compared Locke to Stranger Things, but the shows have little in common. Is it teamwork against evil forces, which does not work well in Locke’s Keys – although there are a large number of different characters gathered here, they lack charisma, interaction and jokes.


moments in the series in which the characters explore the magic of the keys are fun to watch. Unfortunately, they are diluted with boring dialogues and teenage lines that you want to rewind.

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