Lady and the Tramp Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Pros: the plot retained the main elements from the original cartoon; adorable dogs; soundtrack Cons: you need to get used to the fact that four-legged characters have facial expressions; naive moments of Lady and the Tramp

Genre drama, comedy
Directed by Charlie Bean
Starring: Kiersey Clemons (Darling), Thomas Mann (Edward Byron), Yvette Nicole Brown (Aunt Sarah), Adrian Martinez (Elliot), Arturo Castro (Marco), Tessa Thompson (voice of Lady), Justin Theroux (voice of Tramp), etc. .
Компании Taylor Made, The Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney Pictures
Year of release 2019
IMDb website

Not all remakes of old Disney cartoons have received good reviews. This did not stop Walt Disney Pictures from turning the animated story Lady and the Tramp into a film. And then turn it into exclusive content for a new video cinema.

The plot of the film shows how a cocker spaniel named Lady appears in the house of a married couple. The dog settles in a big house, where he is adored and pampered. The idyll does not last forever; at some point, the owners begin to pay little attention to the pet, preparing for the birth of the child. The lady is afraid of change, and a chance acquaintance with a stray dog ​​instills in the domestic dog even more doubts about its future. But it just so happens that when the Lady, by an unpleasant accident, gets lost on the street, her only guide becomes that same Tramp.


Interestingly, the new version of Lady and the Tramp retained the basic structure of the story, but was slightly changed. Thus, dog owners became full-fledged heroes with their own, albeit small, but still separate storyline. In the 1955 cartoon, the illustrators showed practically no faces; only the legs of the owners flashed on the screen. Now their images are assigned to actors Kiersey Clemons and Thomas Mann.

Also, the creators of the remake did not need to add a note about “outdated cultural beliefs” (such a note appeared on Disney+ before watching the old cartoon). The scene with the Siamese cats, in which they saw a caricature of Asians, was completely redone by the scriptwriters. And the cast of the new film turned out to be quite diverse, so that any flaws in the outdated perception were eliminated.


With all the changes and adaptations, Lady and the Tramp is still about four-legged characters. They were played in the film by real dogs, who were trained for several months before filming began. True, the willingness to follow commands was not enough for the final version of the tape.

The filmmakers decided that talking dogs were a good idea, so they didn’t limit themselves to voiceovers. They resorted to CGI, giving the tailed characters specific facial expressions. So the dogs began to smile, wiggle their eyebrows and squint their eyes.


Of course, Lady and the Tramp having conversations and falling in love feels more natural in a cartoon. But, to be honest, their versions from the film are much less confusing than the talking wild animals in the remake of The Lion King. Perhaps it’s all about the two charming dogs that were successfully chosen for filming.

In general, the plot of the film “Lady and the Tramp” is structured in such a way that it can be watched by a viewer of a young age. There are many naive and simplistic moments in it, reminiscent of how Walt Disney Pictures creates stories for children, telling them about good and bad deeds. In such situations, an adult may get bored while watching, but this will not last long.


Another distinctive feature of Disney film production is the songs. Naturally, it couldn’t have happened without them. The musical numbers in the film are extremely successful and melodic, you don’t want to play them at all. Jazz melodies are played in the film, and in the famous spaghetti scene the already recognizable song “Bella Notte” is heard.

Lady and the Tramp is still a classic you’ll want to watch again. But the new film can also be given a chance; children may well like it.


A simple but age-appropriate Disney film with beautiful songs and cute dogs.

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