Hobbs & Shaw Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw movie meaning & The Ending of ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Explained.

The world is in danger again. Hattie (Vanessa Kirby) of British MI6 intelligence is on the hunt for a deadly virus that, if released, could wipe out the entire population of the planet. At the moment of capturing a truck with a container, Hattie’s fighters were attacked by another detachment, led by a certain Brixton (Idris Elba). The entire detachment from the Mi-6 was killed, and only Hattie managed to escape, and the container with the virus is now in her.

Brixton faked the CCTV footage, so now the Mi-6s, the CIA, and Brixton are after Hattie. The problem is serious, so CIA handler Loki (Ryan Reynolds) brings in Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) to solve it. It’s not the first time Tom has saved the world, but Loki warns that Hobbs will be working with a partner from the British side. Of course, it’s Shaw (Jason Statham). Hobbs and Shaw can’t stand each other, so it will be a long time before they can work as a team.

And here it also turns out that Brixton works for the powerful corporation Eteon, based somewhere in the Pripyat region, and it is there that the unit is located, with which you can extract the container from Hattie’s body. Brixton is chasing Hattie to extract the virus and infect the whole world – the Eteon Corporation is creating a race of superhumans, and all the little people are going to be poisoned to hell – while Hobbs and Shaw must extract the container to hide it in a safe place. So the three of them, along with Hattie, will have to illegally cross the United Statesn border, get the apparatus and do their job.


Hooray, hooray, finally, this terribly dull Vin Diesel, who served there not as an internal combustion engine, but as a source of external braking, was finally removed from the Fast and the Furious franchise. Also, this whole “Toretto team” has long been fed up, to be honest. However, that’s just the previous, the eighth “Fast and the Furious” was, oddly enough, quite good, despite the traditionally idiotic scenario. But there, a hacker played by Charlize Theron was on fire, which forced Toretto to go against her own team, there the former blood enemies Hobbs and Deckard Shaw acted on the same side, habitually quarreling, so the picture turned out to be quite jaunty, and now if Diesel had been removed from there, I thought it would be really nice.

They fulfilled my childhood dream, they removed Diesel and his team and left the brutal boys Hobbs and Shaw to save the world for a couple – and it was very well done!

They are opposed by an ominous giant corporation, the main combat commander of which is Brixton – he is either a Robocop or a Terminator: he was subjected to significant enhancement and improvement with the help of anaptany and the latest technologies, so that Hobbs, even along with Shaw, will be extremely difficult to cope with.

Well, then we have numerous chases, races, fights, as well as constant funny bickering between Hobbs and Shaw, who, of course, respect each other immensely for their coolness and combativeness.

Purely visually, the picture is just class: Brixton’s most effective attack on the office with Hattie, Brixton’s completely mind-blowing motorcycle chase for “McLaren” Shaw, the partners’ very cool penetration into the Eteon base, the escape from the base, the people’s defense in Samoa and awesome (albeit extremely unreliable , of course) the staged scene of holding the helicopter with the help of a bigfoot – well, more precisely, with the help of several bigfoots.

All this is cool, great, adrenaline and fun. Add to this that Dwayne Johnson, that Jason Statham has charisma – like five Diesels, self-irony and humor – like a hundred Diesels, so that in terms of enthusiasm it is noticeably better than the previous “Fast and the Furious”. I would even say than all previous Fast and Furious.

And it is clear that both Johnson and Statham are clearly pleased to act in this cheerful madhouse, especially since now no Diesel shines with a bald head at hand, so they can shine quite radiantly with their two bald heads.

I liked Vanessa Kirby in the role of Hattie: she looked good, she played not the first but quite normal accompanying violin in the trio, and her first fight with Hobbs was also staged very well.

Idris Elba, in my opinion, was too serious for this farce. It is clear that he was supposed to play this way, but he also pushed all sorts of stupid speeches about the “race of the future” and about the fact that computers know better how humanity should live – and it was a little tiring. But these are the laws of the genre: if it’s a glavgad, then let the glavgad be completely serious, and not make-believe.

Ryan Reynolds was very funny playing the fool in the form of Lock – quite in the style of “Deadpool 2”, which was directed by David Leitch, the director of this picture. By the way, Leitch also shot a very good action movie with realistically staged fights – “Explosive Blonde”.

In general, class, just class, a great attraction, a good way to relax and have fun. Bublik and I enjoyed it to the fullest, although just in case we tried not to relax.

We definitely like this kind of “Fast and the Furious”, we are ready to continue to look at the adventures of this cool couple, especially since Elena Vasilievna Shaw is soon to be released from prison there – won’t she join this couple? She already knows how to light it up, we remember this from RED.

By the minuses of the picture, I will only include an extremely idiotic, but at least a short episode with this terrible Kevin Hart, who for some reason plays an air marshal here – apparently, because he played with Johnson in a very mediocre comedy action movie “A Spy and a Half”. (I note, however, that in the States, Hart is a terribly popular stand-up artist who collects stadiums.)

PS I listened to the United Statesn dubbing. Didn’t really like it. No, of course, they try and all that, but it turns out from the series “snack degree steals”: in the original, everything sounds much more colorful. And Reynolds was voiced completely sucks – they tried to convey his Deadpool style, but they could not. Yes, and with Statham in color they have significantly lost.


Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw movie review

Director: David Leitch Cast: Idris Elba, Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, Cliff Curtis, Jason Statham, Eddie Marsan, Helen Mirren, Eiza Gonzalez, Vanessa Kirby, Eliana Sua

Budget: $200 million, Global gross: $759 million
Action, USA, 2019, 137 min.

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