Bloodyride Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Pros: stories fit into thirty minutes; episodes can be watched in any order; unexpected climaxes; each episode has an element of parody of famous films and TV series Cons: not all episodes are equally successful; concept for the amateur series “Bloody Ride” / Bloodride

Genre thriller, horror
Creators Chetil Indregard, Atle Knudsen
Cast: Anna Bache-Wig (Iselin), Pia Borgli (Margaret), Ellen Bendu (Sanna), Dagny Bakker Johnsen (Olivia), Henrik Rafaelsen (Alex), Trond Tegan (Philip), Ine Marie Wilmann (Molly), Doug Howard Engebroten (journalist), etc.
Netflix channel
Year of release 2020
Episode 6
Site IMDb

Blood Ride is, of course, not the long-running Canadian series Are You Afraid of the Dark? (Are You Afraid of the Dark?), which tried to instill fear with every episode. And not the British “Black Mirror”, looking into a dystopian future. In the Norwegian anthology, everything is a little simpler. First of all, there are only six episodes. Secondly, only one of them can be called truly frightening.

Most of the stories are close to a thriller in genre, which gradually thickens the colors and breaks down with an unexpected plot twist (the effect of surprise depends on the viewer’s experience in such genres). This concept is the basis of the script, and it is repeated over and over again, without ever getting boring. This is because the season is as short as possible – all episodes last about thirty minutes.

It is quite obvious that without a clear understanding of the plot, it can be difficult to start watching the series. This is probably why Blood Ride will pass by many Netflix users. Still, the Norwegian anthology is worth giving a chance, especially if you want to get distracted, but no longer have the energy to immerse yourself in long dramatic films.


The episodes can be watched in any order, this does not change their essence. All six episodes have only one recurring element – the characters in the stories are passengers on a mysterious bus driven by a silent driver. Its purpose can be interpreted in different ways after reading all the episodes (there are not many options, so symbolism is most likely appropriate for the driver here).


The plots of the episodes of “Bloody Ride” are reminiscent of several very specific films. The anthology does not copy them, but rather acts as an ironic parody that demonstrates the worst outcome of events in current situations. The latest episode is a darker version of The Office, and the sixth episode of the anthology also features a camera zoom-in technique that depicts a mockumentary, and awkward interactions between employees forced to spend time in the same space. It is perceived as funny and absurd, but only until the climax comes.


The creators of Blood Ride are not the most famous screenwriters in the world. However, there is still an interesting clue to the work of one of them. Showrunner Atle Knudsen co-wrote the Norwegian series Maniac, which became the basis for the American Netflix project of the same name, starring Jonah Hill and Emma Stone.


It is unlikely that Atle Knudsen’s horror anthology will be able to inspire American producers to shoot a remake of the series, and this is of no use. The Norwegian series is one of those low-budget projects that will be a surprise find for fans of short trick stories, but for others it will be uninteresting.


The series helps to pass the time; if desired, it can be watched at one time and instantly forgotten. Moreover, this cannot be called a negative characteristic of it; it’s just that the horror anthology is not designed for more.


a darkly ironic anthology that can fill an evening if you don’t have enough energy for a serious series or film.

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