Pearl Jam + Sound of Music + Sister Act

I needed a break from editing my movie, so…  here we are.  A Pearl Jam/Sound of Music/Sister Act mashup that barely makes sense, if at all.

The Best & Worst Films of 2015


It’s movie awards season (though if you’re brave enough to sit through the Golden Globes or the Oscars, you’re tougher than I am), so I thought I’d drop a list of what films I liked and what made me wished I’d stayed home.  Here’s my ranking breakdown of the movies I saw in 2015.  (Keep in mind, I’m still playing catchup, so this post with probably get updated.) Read the rest of this entry

My favorite Alan Rickman roles


One of society’s worst habits is waiting to praise someone after they’ve died.  I’m as guilty as anyone – how I wish I would have sent two sentences to Alan Rickman’s people and just said, “Hey, your work is excellent, I’m a big fan.  Happy New Year!”  There’s an outside chance he would have seen it and thought, “I made someone happy.”  But it’s too late.  Mr. Rickman passed away and film is clearly worse off for the loss.

Since there’s nothing else I can do, here are some of my favorite Alan Rickman roles.  Read the rest of this entry

How I learned to stop worrying & not watch the Golden Globes



Deciding that one piece of art is better than another one is an arbitrary process. At best, one could call it a matter of opinion and at worst, a futile exercise. Since no one made me watch, I was able to bypass the 2016 Golden Globes all together and I’m better off for it. Here’s a few reasons why. Read the rest of this entry

The Star Wars franchise and its love of the ticking clock


If it’s on the poster, it’s not a spoiler.

If you’ve not familiar with the term, a ticking clock movie is when the heroes need to do X before the bad guys do Y because if they don’t, the good guys lose, and what fun is that?  A good example of a ticking clock movie would be Speed, Back to the Future, Star Wars… Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and now Star Wars:  The Force Awakens.  I can see how this is both a good and bad thing.  Read the rest of this entry

Trainwreck movie review


It’s incredible how rare a movie like Trainwreck has become.  While the flick clearly includes (and embraces) improvisation (as Judd Apatow movies tend to do), this is a tightly scripted comedy (by star Amy Schumer) with a heart.  Read the rest of this entry

One of these toys is not like the other one…

In the grand tradition of spotting that which does not belong, I bring you this video.  It’s 7 seconds you can never have back.

Christmas 2015 aftermath


The presents have been opened. The food has been eaten. The dishwasher is FULL.  Such is Christmas aftermath.
Read the rest of this entry

Merry Christmas, it’s Rhinestone

As it turns out, Sylvester Stallone and Dolly Parton made a dud of a movie called Rhinestone together back in 1984.  And it is glorious.  Read the rest of this entry

Christmas Eve checklist

Here are the things I need to have done for Christmas Eve. Read the rest of this entry

Star Wars The Force Awakens movie review


Obviously, Star Wars The Force Awakens could never truly meet expectations. The idea of restoring order to the franchise after the disappointing Prequel Trilogy is an exciting prospect and the trailers make big promises. But does the movie deliver?

Read the rest of this entry

Thoughts on Star Wars before seeing The Force Awakens


Star Wars is one of those things that have always been there for me. No matter how tough life gets, you can always take a break and visit the galaxy that only exists a long time ago and is far, far away.
Star Wars has gone from movie phenomenon to cultural institution and right now, it seems like it always will be. Maybe the sequel trilogy will alter its status one way or another, but in this moment, the anticipation is palpable.
And by all that, I mean this: the force will be with you – always.


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