Young Sheldon Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Sheldon’s Childhood begins with nine-year-old Sheldon (Ian Armitage) heading to Medford High School in East Texas. He is in the same class as his brother Georgie (Montana Jordan), a fourteen year old teenager. At the same school, their father, George Cooper (Lance Barber), is the coach of the school’s American football team.

Young Sheldon is a somewhat out of this world child. He is fond of science, reads a lot of scientific literature and understands most disciplines much better than teachers from school. Of course, it is terribly difficult for teachers with him, and classmates consider Sheldon a strange youngster, which he, in fact, really is.

Sheldon’s mother Mary (Zoe Perry) is a devout Christian, she never misses church services and actively participates in all kinds of church events. Mary is very worried about her Shelley: she understands that such a talented and such a peculiar child will not be very easy in this life.

Sheldon has a twin sister, Missy (Regan Reward). She is a terrible jerk, and it is difficult to cope with her even Georgie, who usually does not miss the opportunity to annoy “that small thing,” as he calls his younger brother and sister, with something.

Across the street from the Cooper house is the home of Connie Tucker (Annie Potts), Mary’s mother and, respectively, George’s mother-in-law and Georgie’s grandmother, Sheldon and Missy. Connie leads a very active life, dating men, bowling, drinking and smoking. Sheldon loves his grandmother very much, and she reciprocates him completely.

Connie often visits the Coopers’ house: she often has breakfast with them and very often has dinner. Often, Mary and George leave their grandchildren to their grandmother – when, of course, she has no other plans.


The idea for this series came in 2016 from actor Jim Parsons, who played Sheldon Lee Cooper in the famous TV series The Big Bang Theory, created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. Chuck Lorre liked the idea, he brought in Stephen Moralo to develop it, and Jim Parsons became an executive producer on the project. Jim also acts as an off-screen narrator in this series: an adult Sheldon Cooper talks about his little self.

In early 2017, the creators of the series decided on the casting, filming began, the pilot episode of Sheldon’s Childhood was shown on September 25, 2017, after the premiere of the eleventh, penultimate, season of The Big Bang Theory.

I knew about this spin-off (offshoot), but I still couldn’t start watching it: there was a disbelief that the spin-off of a super-popular series, and The Big Bang Theory, no matter how you treat it, was just super-popular, could replicate the success of the original series.

However, there are many examples where spin-offs become very, very successful, such as Boston Lawyers (a spin-off of The Practice), Better Call Saul (a Breaking Bad spin-off) or the legendary “Fraser” (spin-off of the television project “Chears”).

I watched the first season – I just really liked it! Here, the creators of the series have somewhat changed certain points related to Sheldon’s childhood, especially if you focus on information gleaned from The Big Bang Theory.

What do we know from The Big Bang Theory? Sheldon talked about being bullied at school. His mother, who appeared in the series, clearly suffers from an old Christianity of the brain. Mom constantly scolded Sheldon’s father for drunkenness, and in Sheldon’s family, parents constantly sorted things out in raised tones, forcing the boy to cry. Well, the image of the granny (in the original – meemaw) was drawn completely different, and the granny, about whom Sheldon talked a lot, at some point appeared in Theory in her own person (she was played by actress June Squibb). Yes, and the main character Sheldon – in “The Big Bang Theory” character, let’s face it, more than peculiar and largely repulsive.

In “Childhood Sheldon” – it’s not like that. (And that’s good, I’ll say, looking ahead.) Sheldon from the spin-off is a talented, unusual, weird, but at the same time, a child who does not fall out of society at all. Well, yes, he is far ahead of his peers, so now he studies with children much older than him, because of this, all sorts of collisions arise, he loves loneliness, because he is not bored with himself, he periodically confuses teachers, and he, like any complete geek, there are problems in physical education classes. But he is not such a Sheldon as in The Big Bang Theory, there are no signs that he will become so, although the creators of the series diligently give us all sorts of markers that this will happen later.

Ian Armitage did a great job playing little Sheldon, that’s just very cool! Absolutely exactly fell into the type, was very natural, touching and convincing. In one of the episodes of the first season, Sheldon suddenly decided to become an actor and went to the audition, which was conducted by the character of Jason Alexander (the unforgettable George from the wonderful sitcom “Seinfeld”), and there Ian really demonstrated all the very outstanding facets of his acting talent, and then he really was only nine years old.

Sheldon’s mom was played by actress Zoe Perry, and I was struck by her clear resemblance to actress Laurie Metcalf, who played Sheldon’s mom in The Big Bang Theory. Here they are – Laurie Metcalf on the left, Zoe Perry on the right.

However, then it turned out that Zoe Perry was the daughter of Laurie Metcalf, so everything was explained.

Zoe was great as Mary. In this series, her religiosity is not at all fanatical and destructive: she is simply a believer, but the maximum that Mary gets her family members is by offering to attend Sunday services and participate in charity church events. She is a pretty woman, yet determined, loves Shelly very much and strives to protect her such a very unusual son from the dangers of this world. The role is very touching, the character turned out just great.

Grandma Connie, played so brilliantly by Annie Potts, is my favorite character on the show. A woman of a certain age who has not lost her attractiveness, carefully looking after herself, independent and living a full life. Let’s face it: Connie is having a blast, but within reason. She likes to drink wine or beer, smokes occasionally, has a very sensible view of what is happening, is witty, cynical in a good way, amusingly dives with her son-in-law, loves her grandchildren, especially Sheldon, but she won’t let anyone sit on her neck. And it is Connie who teaches her grandchildren real life, because she is not going to hide anything from them, unlike their parents, who, like, try to protect their children, hiding some life realities from them. Connie is absolutely a masterpiece, you can make a separate series about her alone!

Papa George here, performed by Lance Barber, is a soft-spoken and very charming plump who loves his wife and children, and fighting Mary turns George as she wants. There are no family scandals here, and George’s famous drunkenness is manifested only in the fact that he likes to drink beer from microscopic bottles, and the whole family teases him about this. And there is a very touching episode, which adult Sheldon talks about, when dad took little Shelly to distant lands to watch the launch of a spaceship and, although nothing came of it, Shelly realized how much dad loves him and how much he cares about him.

Of the children of the Cooper family, in addition to Sheldon, both are good – Georgie’s older brother (actually, he is George Jr.) and Sheldon’s twin sister Missy. The older brother is played by Montana Jordan, and his Georgie is played like clockwork. A contemptuous attitude towards the “small fry”, the desire to make a career as an American football player, a difficult relationship with Sheldon, his mutual assistance with Sheldon, growing up and the experiences associated with this. It seems to be such a typical teenager, but Georgie is also quite deserving of attention.

Missy performed by Regan Reward is just brilliant! And the screenwriters did their best here: Missy is still a tearaway, and Regan herself played her heroine just gorgeous!

In general, looked with great pleasure. I see no point in making any comparisons with the Big Bang Theory for some reason. First, it’s a completely different show. Secondly, this is not a sitcom: in the sense that there is no off-screen laugh. Thirdly, Chuck Lorre explicitly stated that although they gave the main character the name Sheldon in honor of Jim Parsons, who came up with the idea for this series, however, this is still not the same Sheldon from the series – this is a different character who simply has similar features.

Well, that’s cool, I’ll tell you, because looking at an alcoholic dad and a mother who’s fucking religion is constantly cursing with him, and somewhere in the backside a kind grandmother feeds little Shelley cookies – I definitely wouldn’t look like that.

But here it is something completely different. A very nice series, which is quite worthy of viewing, including for those who have not seen The Big Bang Theory. Because there is nothing in common. Which is good.

PS And, of course, if you watch not in the original (or in the original and with subtitles), then only in translation and dubbing “Courage-Bambay” (Denis Kolesnikov and team): this is the best translation and dubbing of “The Big Bang Theory” (actually, Denis Kolesnikov – this is the very iconic voice acting, but at the same time we must pay tribute to the team’s translators – they are both highly professional and very inventive), and, accordingly, it would be simply stupid to watch “Sheldon’s Childhood” in translation and voice acting of some other group . I watched a couple of episodes in their version – it was done absolutely wonderfully, as, indeed, always.


Sheldon’s childhood / Young Sheldon serie meaning

Director: Chuck Lorre, Stephen Moralo Cast: Ian Armitage, Zoe Perry, Lance Barber, Montana Jordan, Regan Reward, Jim Parsons, Annie Potts, Wallace Shawn, Ryan Puong, Wyatt McClure

Series, USA, 2017, 30 min.

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