You People Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Review of the film

On January 27, Netflix presented a new comedy film “Yours and Ours” with genre stars Jonah Gill and Eddie Murphy. But this is not a comedy in its pure form, and also a film that tries to be a sharp social satire. In the review below, we tell how successfully the authors managed to combine comedy and seriousness.

“Yours and ours” / You People

Genre: romantic comedy, social satire
Directed by Kenya Burris
Starring Eddie Murphy, Jonah Gill, David Duchovny, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Elliott Gould
Netflix premiere
Release year 2022
IMDb site

Ezra Cohen, a 35-year-old homeless man from a Jewish family, complains to his friend and podcast colleague that he can’t manage his personal life. However, thoughts of death in complete solitude disappear when the man meets Amira Mohammed, a dark-skinned girl from a Muslim family.

A romantic relationship develops between the young people, and after six months Ezra plans to marry his beloved. But later the heroes realize that they will have to overcome a lot of obstacles on the way to their happiness. In particular, this applies to parents of lovers who have significant differences in views on various aspects of life, not to mention religious and racial issues.

In attempts to establish a common language with their parents and between them, Ezra and Amira decide to be guided by some compromise solutions. But the more they try to smooth the corners, the more catastrophic consequences this whole unpleasant situation will have.

Review of the film

The topic of interracial relationships and marriages is far from new in cinema. Back in the 60s, Stanley Kramer made Guess Who’s Coming to Lunch with stars like Sidney Poitier and Katharine Hepburn. This film received 10 Oscar nominations and recognition from the American Film Institute.

In the modern era, we have plenty of examples of movies where lovers belonging to different races and cultures have to fight against the prejudices of their immediate environment. There is a lot to mention: from the unsuccessful remake of Kramer’s film “Guess Who” to our own “Crazy Wedding” with the vividly expressive Nazar Zadniprovskyi and episodic Vinnik, Potap and Monatik.

However, “Yours and Ours” tries to distance itself from the sweet and not-so-silliness of typical rom-coms and to be a bit more serious. The tape can pass for a new remake of “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” only in view of the present and the lack of any ambitions for prestigious film awards.

Review of the film

The cool thing is that the humor here is based on certain situations and contexts, and not on how stupid Jonah Gill will look in another colorful hoodie, or how wide Eddie Murphy will bare his teeth. The latter, by the way, generally behaves very modestly and discreetly, which is only beneficial. And here the word “geeky” sounded: what do you think, viewer?

Until a certain time, the given formula works well. The jokes cause a slight smile, not least thanks to the beautiful Ukrainian dubbing, David Duchovny beautifully portrays the terrible singing, Julia Louis-Dreyfus carries another dose of nonsense. Somewhere in the episode, you can see already respectable uncles, such as, for example, 84-year-old Elliot Gould, known for his role in the cult sitcom “Friends”.

But with the passage of time and the escalation of the conflict between the families, the comedic component gradually fades away, and the satirical component does not evoke any emotions. Moreover, the transition from the highest point of antagonism to the further finale, banal and predictable, but only possible according to the laws of the genre, looks unconvincing.

Review of the film

It is faintly believed that the most radical Akbar, that is, Murphy’s character, miraculously changed his mind. There is no powerful factor that would encourage his hero in a sweatshirt with the inscription “Fred Hampton was killed” to give in to his own principles so easily.

Certain questions also arise regarding the method of transition between frames. At the beginning of the film, the authors abuse the insert frames that appear during the montages. Such a video technique interferes with the normal perception of the video series, although it is good that this stupid game is quickly forgotten and then remembered infrequently.

For director Kenya Burris, “Yours and Ours” was the directorial debut in a full-length. Burris also performed the function of one of the screenwriters, and Jonah Gill himself became the second. The guys did a good job of not descending to the level of a banal rom-com with a bad sense of humor, because that would turn their tape into a real bad taste.

Review of the film

But on the other hand, they failed to find the perfect balance between comedy and acute social. It was not possible to claim a loud statement that would be listened to. In addition, the central idea is difficult to compete with the bright outfit of Gill’s character. After all, for some reason, the second is imprinted in the memory much more strongly than the first.

Pros: the presence of really funny moments, a good cast, the absence of low humor and inappropriate grimacing Cons: as a satire, the film does not work at full capacity, and as a pure comedy does not look like the best example of the genre, and this flickering on the editing boards is very annoying Conclusion:

“Yours and ours” sometimes looks witty, but in general it is an optional project in the filmography of the stars who have gathered here. Yes, they seemed to talk with a serious expression about the current issue, had a little fun, joked, even went to Vegas for a party, and that was all. It is obvious that even this will be enough for a mediocre film

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