Wonder Woman 1984 Movie Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Pros: Gal Gadot is still great as Wonder Woman; development of the main character; scenes with Steve performed by Chris Pine; flashback with Amazons; Pedro Pascal’s character who defines the worst in the ’80s era Cons: Kristen Wiig’s character is a big disappointment; towards the end, events turn into chaos, the consequences of which are overlooked by Wonder Woman 1984 / Wonder Woman 1984

Genre fantasy, comic book film
Directed by Patty Jenkins
Cast: Gal Gadot (Diana Prince/Wonder Woman), Chris Pine (Steve Trevor), Kristen Wiig (Barbara Ann Minerva), Pedro Pascal (Maxwell Lord), Connie Nielsen (Hippolyta), Robin Wright (Antiope), Lilly Aspell ( young Diana), etc.
Студии Atlas Entertainment, DC Comics, Warner Bros. Pictures
Release year 2020
IMDb website

In general, “Wonder Woman 1984” could have hit theaters at the end of 2019, but the premiere was postponed to the summer of 2020. Who could have known that the most opportune time to release superhero blockbusters would be the dark season of quarantine lockdown and, as a result, the absence of the usual opportunity to visit cinemas.

While the Marvel Comics universe is shying away from the big screen (Disney prudently pushed back the release of Black Widow to 2021, and the release of The New Mutants is hardly worth taking seriously), the DC Comics universe still reminded of itself with the help of Wonder Woman 1984. True, for this Warner Bros. had to develop a completely new scheme of premieres, which will be extended to other films of the film studio (among them Dune, The Suicide Squad and even Matrix 4). The scheme is as follows: new films will be released simultaneously in theaters and on the HBO Max streaming service. And since HBO Max isn’t available in Ukraine yet, Wonder Woman 1984 premiered in theaters on December 16th, a week ahead of its US Christmas release.


To be honest, the sequel to Wonder Woman turned out to be weaker in plot than the first film, but what a pleasure it is to see superhero battles on the big screen, accompanied by a soundtrack from Hans Zimmer, after a long break.


So, about sixty years have passed since the background of the formation of the character of Diana Prince. Now we see the life of Diana in 1984 – she is a curator at a research institute that studies artifacts. Despite her popularity, Diana prefers to stay away, avoiding dating and entertainment. No one knows that she is the same Wonder Woman who saves people. And, of course, no one guesses that Diana chose loneliness because of longing for the military pilot Steve, who died during the First World War. The only person who manages to impose herself on Wonder Woman as a friend is fellow anthropologist Barbara, who yearns with all her heart to be like Diana, going to dangerous extremes.


Visually, the film differs significantly from the first part – the sequel tries in every possible way to reflect the era of American glut, diving into the opened world of entertainment and flashy fashion. The biggest symbol of this time is the big mall (exactly like in the third season of Stranger Things). People are addicted to new values, so it’s no wonder they revel in the motivational speeches of oil-obsessed TV star Maxwell Lord (you can see references to Trump’s personality in it). The lord represents greed, alluding to the worst values ​​that have consumed society. Actually, he himself aims to enslave everyone around.


Actor Pedro Pascal, who plays Maxwell Lord, is visually very suited to the 80s era. Here the actor has more opportunities for reincarnation than in The Mandalorian series, where Pascal’s face is hidden behind a helmet. If Maxwell Lord shines with his own pomp and glossy striped suits, then Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince is still incredibly elegant and sophisticated, contrary to the gaudy trends of the time.


Ever since the trailer was released, it was clear that Wonder Woman would be a guide through the 1980s for Steve, who suddenly appears in front of her. They have to figure out how he came back to life, but first, Diana needs to adapt a military pilot to a new reality. In a word, the characters change places and repeat the situation from the first film, where one of them helped the other to understand how the modern world works. Scenes with Steve performed by Chris Pine, although spoiled by the trailer, are still definitely one of the best emotionally. In addition, they are extremely important for the development of the character of a superheroine, since this meeting will push Diana to discover new abilities.

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Wonder Woman 1984 doesn’t have a lot of action scenes. Of course, the audience is shown the valiant deeds of Wonder Woman, and at the very beginning there is a great flashback to Diana’s childhood, where she competes with the Amazons on the island of Themyscira. But otherwise, a monstrously large part of the plot is devoted to Barbara, who never manages to become an intriguing or even partially charismatic character. Barbara is played by actress Kristen Wiig, who is popular with American audiences for her Saturday Night Live sketches. In feature films, Wiig is not so interesting, in some ways even too boring, so she becomes the main disappointment of the film.


Much to my relief, director Patty Jenkins finally gives the right portion of movement, changing locations and increasing the scale of what is happening. The action becomes truly grandiose, touching on the theme of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. However, the real scope of the threat cannot be felt, all events in an instant are mixed in chaos and just as quickly break off, without explaining the consequences of political unrest.


Unlike other films from the DC Comics universe, the story of Wonder Woman remains lighter, and the character played by Gal Gadot is especially uplifting. If this appealed to you in the first film, then the second part, despite the obvious plot flaws, will also be interesting. Diana Prince is still sincere and noble, but not so naive and armed with new Amazonian armor. Her adventures are worthy of the big screen, where you can see the scale of flying in the cockpit and beyond. On the big screen, you can also appreciate the competition of the Amazon warriors and the battle of the main character with two antagonists.


“Wonder Woman 1984” is weaker in plot than the first part. Nevertheless, the main features of the story of Diana Prince were preserved in the sequel. So if Wonder Woman impressed in the first film, the second will also be interesting. Plus, it’s the only big-screen superhero movie of the year to watch on the big screen.

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