Wonder Park Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Pros: the imaginary world that the main character creates; an important theme underlying the cartoon; funny residents of Wonder Park Cons: from the adventures on the territory of Wonder Park you expect a little more “Wonder Park” / Wonder Park

Genre cartoon
Directed by Dylan Brown
The roles were voiced by Brianna Denski (June), Jennifer Garner (Mama June), Matthew Broderick (Daddy June), Mila Kunis (Greta the Boar), Kenan Thompson (Gus the Beaver), Ken Jeong (Cooper the Beaver), John Oliver (Steve the Porcupine), Ken Hudson Campbell (Boomer Bear), etc.
Студии Paramount Animation, Nickelodeon Movies, Ilion Animation Studios
Year of release 2019
Site IMDb

The cartoon tells the story of a girl named June who, together with her mother, creates an imaginary Miracle Park. They come up with rides and other entertainment that you won’t find in regular parks. The fun there is led by talking animals, the prototypes of which are soft toys. June likes the idea of ​​Wonder Park so much that she builds a mini version of it throughout her house and takes her friends on an improved version of the roller coaster.

June’s normal life changes when her mother falls ill and leaves for treatment. So Miracle Park ceases to exist. Instead of participating in noisy games with peers, the girl withdraws into herself and begins to look after her father. June continues to plunge into disturbing thoughts until, by chance, she wanders into the forest, from where she ends up in Miracle Park. An amazing place and its inhabitants not only exist, but also need June’s help – only she can return it to its former atmosphere of magic.

Looking at the trailer for “Wonder Park,” it seems that this is another colorful cartoon with a chatty bear, a funny porcupine and other animals that will entertain children during a movie show, while at the same time telling them about the importance of giving free rein to their imagination. In fact, the cartoon turns out to be much deeper.


The topic of illness and the fear of losing parents has already been touched upon in cartoons, but with the help of “Miracle Park” they are trying to explain to a child how to cope with sadness and reluctance to return to business as usual. Many emotional experiences here turn into visual symbols – such as the destruction of the park by a dark cloud, swallowing up the colorful (inner) world. For the main character, saving Miracle Park means, first of all, saving herself: reawakening her imagination and desire to create. In essence, June faces adult problems in the real world, but she can only understand and overcome them in Miracle Park.


What can I say, Paramount Animation and Nickelodeon Movies decided to create a rather serious cartoon (considering that their previously most successful feature-length project was The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water). This idea is definitely a good one – you just need to find the right formula so as not to scare very young viewers and at the same time win over older children, prompting them to think. “Miracle Park” succeeds in this, so the age audience of the cartoon can be very different.


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As far as developments go, the plot does not center solely around June’s experiences. When she meets the residents of Miracle Park, their joint adventures will develop and gain great momentum. In addition, they will face a threat that destroys everything in its path. It is unlikely to impress, but it will give direction to the actions of the main characters among animals that sometimes behave very chaotically.


It’s really hard to impress audiences, considering other animated films that have come out in recent years. Perhaps that’s why the scale of Wonder World’s adventures isn’t breathtaking. I would like to see even more events in the park, where everything is subject to the imagination of the main character. On the other hand, it would have required a lot more screen time and certainly would have had to show the development of secondary characters. For this, by the way, the creators of the cartoon have prepared a backup platform – soon after the premiere of “Miracle Park” a multi-episode version will appear on the Nickelodeon channel.


As for the full-length cartoon, its ending is very logically combined with the beginning, without losing an important thread. To be honest, in many ways, watching “Miracle Park” is also useful for adults. First, the cartoon helps explain to the child how to cope with events that can traumatize him. Secondly, it shows how much circumstances in a parent’s life influence the perception of the world through the eyes of children.


The cartoon simultaneously entertains and shows how important it is not to withdraw into oneself when faced with sadness. It contains a wonderful visual image of the inner state of a child (or any adult). Despite the seriousness of the main theme, “Wonder World” does not load, so it looks easy and fun.

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