The Ending Of Uncharted Explained

The action movie Uncharted – a film based on the game series from the game studio Naughty Dog – was released in wide release. Starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg. Apparently, in the future we will see a full-length continuation of the adventures of treasure hunters.


Genre action adventure
Directed by Ruben Fleischer
Starring Tom Holland (Nathan “Nate” Drake), Mark Wahlberg (Victor “Sully” Sullivan), Sophia Taylor Ali (Chloe Fraser), Tati Gabrielle (Braddock), Antonio Banderas (Moncad) and others.
Компании Columbia Pictures, Atlas Entertainment, Arad Productions
Release year 2022
IMDb website
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Sony received the film rights to the game back in 2008 – from that moment the project fell into “production hell”. The scriptwriters changed the plot of the picture, and the directors switched to other tapes. Even executive producer Avi Arad couldn’t speed things up (probably too busy directing films based on Marvel comics).

In 2010, David O. Russell (The Fighter, Silver Linings Playbook) took over as director. He planned to involve Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci in the filming, but the idea did not work out (after him, at least seven people took on the production – and all to no avail).

Tom Holland managed to unfreeze the project. In an interview with Total Film, the actor revealed that he approached Sony with a proposal to make a film about the origins of James Bond. During the negotiations, the film company approved the idea – only instead of the young Bond, the producers decided to launch a tape about the formation of a treasure hunter named Nathan Drake. Holland got the chance to fend off the bad guys without the superhero costume, and the film adaptation is finally moving forward with director Ruben Fleischer (Venom, Zombieland: Double Tap).

So the film should be taken as a backstory that reveals new details about the character, and not as a full-length attempt to retell the game.


So let’s get to the plot. As a child, Nathan Drake was fond of history, studying artifacts and ancient maps. Years passed, the hero grew up and became a New York bartender who trades in petty thefts.

One day, Drake is approached by adventurer Victor Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) – he offers a profitable job that will help the guy prove himself. Together they will go in search of Magellan’s gold, which was lost 500 years ago.

To get to the treasures, you need to solve a series of puzzles and get ahead of Moncada (Antonio Banderas), a powerful man who considers the treasures his family’s property.


Uncharted: Uncharted is a fast-paced action thriller filled with adventure in the spirit of modern Indiana Jones. The heroes go to exotic places, explore ancient buildings, go down into the dungeon and find themselves overboard a cargo plane without a parachute.

The interaction of the main characters is built on mutual assistance, which goes hand in hand with mistrust. A partner can betray at any moment, and if he remains faithful, he will definitely laugh it off – that’s why Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland “shoot out” from time to time with mocking comments (alas, not all replicas work, but the problem here is not in the script, but rather in editing).


The character of Antonio Banderas is a classic rich villain who gives orders and pursues competitors (by the way, many thanks to the distributors for not dubbing the actor, but subtitles when Banderas speaks in Spanish).

Another antagonist appears in the film – the mercenary Braddock, played by actress Tati Gabrielle (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina). She gets more screen time than Antonio Banderas, and at times seems like an indestructible all-powerful heroine. But the biggest portion of criticism will still go not to her, but to Tom Holland.


Judging by the comments, many consider the actor an unfortunate choice for the main character – he is too young and does not at all look like Drake from the game (besides, he is constantly compared to Nathan Fillion, who appeared in a fan short).

However, we have to admit that in the action scenes Tom Holland gives all his best, and he can also do parkour. Using the experience gained in superhero films, the actor defuses the situation quite well – this is just what is needed for an action movie diluted with jokes.

As can be seen from the two post-credits scenes, Sony is already planning a sequel. And for good reason – gamers liked the first film.



Pros: becoming Nathan Drake; Tom Holland handles action scenes; variety of adventures; action movie with a light atmosphere Cons: not all replicas with skirmishes of heroes work; all-powerful mercenary Conclusion:

“Uncharted: Uncharted” – the backstory of the character Nathan Drake, which will be clear even to those who have not played the game. This is a treasure hunting action game full of chases, shootouts and puzzles.

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