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Tomato smile


Now that is one happy tomato.  I wonder what’s got the rest of the tomatoes down.

Words with Friends proves resistance is NOT futile


As you can see in the above image, Words with Friends denies the very existence of the Borg, proving once and for all that resistance is NOT, in fact, futile.

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Stained Glass Window in Microsoft Paint

The last few versions of Microsoft Paint sure have improved on the old design, but this could have been done in any version of the program.


Batman Skateboard


How cool is this?!?  And $15 seems like a pretty good deal for a Batman skateboard.  (Although the trucks do look kinda crappy, but what can you expect at that price?)  Too bad I’m not a ten year old.

Sushi Chefs Don’t F Around



Frequenting the sushi bar is a common occurrence for us, but we don’t always get the sweet artwork.  Perhaps we were the beneficiaries of such awesomeness this time around because we went with someone who ordered fish in addition to our usual supply of vegetable rolls.  If this is their way of helping us remember which plate iswhich, I highly approve.  Here’s to going above and beyond.

Vegan Bacon Battle


Sometimes you have to get your competing breakfast sides into a fight to the death to decide on taste supremacy.


Let us BATTLE!

Smart Bacon is salty, but as far as I can recall, it does a decent impression of the real thing.  Tempeh Smoked Maple Bacon is tasty, but does not look or taste like bacon at all.  So if you really want something that tastes like bacon, you go with the former, but if a tasty side is all you require, then the latter is for you.


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“It’s like trying to catch smoke with you bare hands…”


Catching smoke might be tough, but photographing it is easy.

This photo brought to mind what is easily the weakest scene in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, during which the newspaper notes that Sirius Black has been sited in the area. “It’s like trying to catch smoke…   It’s like trying to catch smoke with you bare hands…” some kid says.  Ooooo!  Scarry!

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Shoot For The Moon


I’m not an astronomer – I didn’t even do well in those two lab courses I had to take in college.  However, I am fairly certain that the closest star to earth is our sun, which is farther away than the moon.  So…  yeah.

I love that this quote is attributed to unknown.  Well played!  I’m all for inspirational decor, but let’s get the basic logic right.

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