True Spirit Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Review of the film

On February 3, Netflix released a film about an incredible round-the-world trip of a teenage girl “Unbreakable Spirit”. This story is based on real events and tells about the Australian Jessica Watson, who for some time became the youngest yachtswoman to overcome such a difficult path. How this achievement was embodied on the movie screen – we tell in the review.

“Unbreakable spirit” / True Spirit

Genre adventure-biographical drama
Directed by Sarah Spillane
Starring Teagan Croft, Cliff Curtis, Anna Paquin, Joshua Lawson, Bridget Webb
Netflix premiere
Release year 2023
IMDb site

As a child, the young Australian Jessica Watson dreamed of making a sea voyage around the world. She persistently pursued her dream and won the approval of her parents, although some journalists and politicians did not share their enthusiasm. The latter even tried to prohibit a minor from swimming at the legal level.

However, despite all the troubles, the 16-year-old adventurer was determined to go to the victorious end. On October 18, 2009, she went on a journey. This event was widely covered in the media, and the girl herself kept a video diary and after the trip wrote the book True Spirit about her experience of overcoming the path.

Review of the film

Jessica’s single non-stop journey, which took place on a 12-meter yacht, lasted 210 days. Thus, Watson became the youngest traveler who managed to swim around the world, until her record was broken in 2012.

Netflix announced its intention to release a film about Jessica and her adventure in 2020. The Australian Sarah Spillane was the director of the project, and the main role was performed by the possibly future Margot Robbie – the young gift of Teagan Croft. The result was a soulful and fiery, but very predictable and simple movie with a simple message.

The film begins with several shots of the main character’s childhood, and the first full scene shows a young girl dancing to an upbeat track. Even in these opening minutes, you can predict what will happen next and how the camera will behave. Thanks to her sharp upward departure, the viewer can see that Jessica is in the middle of the ocean. But this will not be the main trip, but only a test voyage, which in September 2009 was unsuccessful.

Review of the film

In general, “Unbreakable Spirit” has mostly a light casual atmosphere, sometimes comedic, despite the fact that it is told as if it were a deadly journey across the ocean. Meanwhile, there are moments when Jessica is really in great danger.

At the same time, carefree admiration of the boundless sky and pleasant sailing with a light breeze turns into a desperate struggle with the elements. The comedic light fire of the tape gives way to an uncompromising story about survival. And here the viewer has every chance to sympathize with the heroine, even with the knowledge of how this story will end.

Although hours and even days of peaceful calm will also be a great test for the young yachtswoman. It is in these times of complete loneliness and boredom that she needs to do everything not to give up. Sometimes the all-consuming inaction and apathy is much more terrifying than the most powerful storm. In a word, everything is like in life.

Review of the film

“Indomitable Spirit” looks like a very careful adaptation of a page from Wikipedia, made according to all the canons of films about inspirational events. This is a comedy-adventure family movie with elements of the survival genre, where even before viewing it is clear what to expect from it.

The authors with variable success try to hide the consequences of a small budget and distract attention with wonderful landscapes. But sometimes you want them to give preference to fresh ocean air over filming in a stuffy studio. At the same time, the largest scenes on the water look quite decent.

It is clear that “Unbreakable Spirit” is clearly not the level of conventional “Hope Never Dies” with the outstanding Robert Redford. And by all possible parameters. But the film does not try to encroach on the laurels of the best examples of films about sea voyages and the struggle for survival. Creators perfectly understand their capabilities.

Review of the film

As a result, they publish not at all fresh, but instead a sentimental and moderately exciting story. About realizing your own dream. About the support of relatives and the extreme importance of this. Ultimately, it’s about a metaphorical journey into adulthood. But first of all, it is about overcoming not even numerous obstacles, but oneself.

Pros: good mix of naive but appropriate comedy and survival drama, good overall viewing experience, emotional ending, overall interesting and inspiring story, beautiful scenery Cons: obvious predictability in almost everything plot-wise, artificiality of some scenes on water, when it is obvious that they were filming in the pavilion Conclusion:

“Unbreakable Spirit” is a pleasant film about a brave, pleasant girl who literally lived for her dream. It is unlikely that the tape will make you squeeze into your chair from tension, but it gives you a reason to cheer and be happy for the young heroine. Such emotions also have their own benefits

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