The Worst Movies Ever

The Worst Movies Ever

worst-movies-everI love a good movie, but I’ve seen my share of bad ones, and some are so bad, that they deserve special note, and that’s what’s going to happen here as we examine the worst movies ever.

Rather than just crown one champion with the dubious honor of the worst movie ever, I’ve decided to recognize movies by genre – or sub genre, as the case may be.  Experience the pain!  Or, as is often the case, the unintended comedy.  While I understand that a movie like The Room begs to be on this list, I’ve decided to omit it because it’s a little indie joint made for $6 million – hence, I don’t feel like it’s in the spirit of this list, which will primarily feature movies that were major (or at least significant) releases with movie stars (or famous people) in the flick.

Have some nominees for the worst movies ever?  Disagree with a selection?  Let me know.

Check back often as this page will continually updated.

The Worst Movies Ever:

kate-and-leopold-meg-ryan-hugh-jackman-worst-movie-ever-romantic-comedy   percy-jackson-the-olympians-the-lightning-thief-worst-movie-ever-fantasy

  1. Little Nicky – supernatural fantasy comedy

  2. Two words, “Spice World”.

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