A chilling night at EPCOT.

Sometimes, topics take on a life of their own, and something I intended to do one post about gets out of hand and I end up writing several blogs about it.  Disney World is a great example; toward the end of the trip, my girlfriend came up with the idea of ranking the rides, and that was the only post I intended to do, but then I did two more posts about our Disney vacation photos as well as other posts about ideas for improving Disney World.  When I created, my goal was to write about specific things, such as movie reviews and drop pretty much everything else that didn’t fit in a few defined categories to go in an observations category unto itself.  Now that the project has grown beyond it’s original scope, this is where the topics page comes into play – just a place where you can find expanded content on something I was deep into writing about for a while, but isn’t necessarily a focused part of the site.  Enjoy!


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