Tom and Jerry Movie Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

“Tom and Jerry” / Tom and Jerry

Genre Animated comedy
Directed by Tim Story
Cast: Chloë Grace Moretz (Kyla), Michael Peña (Terrance), Colin Jost (Ben), Rob Delaney (Mr. DuBros), Ken Jeong (Chef Jackie), Christina Chong (Lola), Patsy Ferran (Joy) and others .
Студии Warner Animation Group, Hanna-Barbera Productions, Keylight Productions
Release year 2021
Site IMDb

To be honest, when we got acquainted with the first frames from the trailer of the new “Tom and Jerry”, there was no particular enthusiasm and desire to see the film. It seemed that modern CGI, imitating the style of 2D animation, stood out too much against the background of real locations, which was very confusing for those who were used to the older version of the cartoon (in a word, those who grew up watching the inexhaustible cartoon fights between an indignant cat and resourceful mouse). But it is quite obvious that the younger generation of viewers is unlikely to review all the old episodes about Tom and Jerry, but they will perceive the updated animated version more favorably.

Having accepted the visual decision of the creators of the new “Tom and Jerry” (in fact, you get used to the style of animation pretty quickly), we can say that in general there are not many moments in the film that change the usual concept of characters. In any case, earlier there were more unsuccessful attempts to bring the story to a full-length format – in 1992, the not-so-successful cartoon Tom and Jerry: The Movie was released, in which the cat and the mouse began to talk to each other and at some point they even sang, starting to dance.

The new movie of 2021 also has a musical part, thankfully without the participation of Tom and Jerry. Here, a perky street pigeon soaring over Manhattan is rapping (the pigeon is voiced by Tim Storey, the comedy director). Following this short introduction, Tom and Jerry, having met on one of the streets of New York, get involved in a battle familiar to us, in which you can recognize a sea of ​​​​favorite elements from old animated series. And, for which thanks to the creators, they do not perform a single song (well, except that Jerry will tease Tom, portraying a street musician).


Another central character of the film is the girl Kayla (played by Chloe Grace Moretz), who by cunning gets a job in a prestigious five-star hotel. The local staff is in full swing preparing for a large-scale wedding of a famous couple, so every employee must make sure that everything goes perfectly. Just at this time, Jerry enters the hotel, looking forward to a comfortable stay in a new house. Naturally, the appearance of a mouse horrifies the hotel staff, and Kayla is assigned a responsible task – the girl must track down the insolent rodent. At this time, Tom appears, who has long been interested in capturing Jerry. Their clashes destroy not only presentable numbers, but also jeopardize the impeccable organization of an expensive wedding.


The film balances between human and animal storylines, constantly switching from one to the other. As expected, almost all the scenes with live characters are rather banal and boring, but the presence of Chloe Grace Moretz in the frame smooths out the overall awkwardness a little. Actor Michael Peña confronts her in the role of a pesky manager who does not understand trends or how to get along with animals (he is the one who gets to go for a walk with the irresistible bulldog Spike). Their communication creates several moderately comical situations, and all the really successful funny moments belong exclusively to Tom and Jerry.


The creators of the animation approached the key characters with great love, trying to copy the legendary moments from the short animated series (by the way, the story of Tom and Jerry began in 1940). So, Tom’s eyes still remain in the air when the cat himself falls from a great height, and Jerry rises above the ground and flies to the smell of cheese. And, of course, tense fights happen between them, during which the cat gets pretty badly from the mouse (it seems to be a little harder for an adult to watch this than for children).

Also, the scriptwriters retained some elements that became the basis of old cartoons. In the new feature, Tom can play the piano (as in the 1947 short The Cat Concerto), and elephants appear in the frame towards the climax (similar to Tom and Jerry Jerry Go Round 1966, but without the circus).


The comedy “Tom and Jerry” evokes pleasant nostalgia for the characters, who in the new film turned out to be truly recognizable. Sometimes it feels like there’s too much screen time for the people in the movie – it doesn’t pay off with something witty or exciting, but after them it’s always a joy to return to the chases that take place between Tom and Jerry. Thanks to the two of them, the film becomes a family film without any age restrictions.

Pros: familiar elements borrowed from old cartoons; classic chases between Tom and Jerry; Chloë Grace Moretz smooths out bad script moments Cons: some storylines are boring; corny moments with characters played by real people

you can quickly get used to the animation style with animals, and then you can enjoy the recognizable confrontation between Tom and Jerry.

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