Titane Movie Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

In the U.S. hire comes out the winning film of the Cannes Film Festival – body horror Titane from director Julia Ducournau. The picture, to put it mildly, ambiguous and controversial. For some, the tape will provoke disgust, and for others it will open a new wave of Franco-Belgian cinema with an unpredictable scenario.

Titane mvoie menaing

Genre horror, sci-fi, drama
Directed by Julia Ducournau
Starring Agatha Roussel (Alexa), Vincent Lindon (Vincent), Gerence Marillier (Justine), Bertrand Bonello (Alexa’s father), Miriam Akeddiou (Adrien’s mother) and others.
Kazak Productions, Frakas Productions, Arte France Cinéma.
Year of release 2021
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Cannes International Film Festival has for quite a long time accepted in its program provocative films that shock with intimate scenes and physical violence. The most provocative films by Gaspar Noé and Lars von Trier were once screened here, and critics left the festival in outrage right in the middle of the screenings.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to surprise Cannes regulars, but there are still young directors in the film industry who not only attract the attention of reviewers, but also receive the approval of experienced filmmakers. Frenchwoman Julia Ducournau is one such sensation who has caught the attention of the jury of the main competition – in 2021 it was headed by American director Spike Lee (whose vote decided who would get the Palme d’Or). It is noteworthy that the jury also evaluated films by Leos Carax, Paul Verhoeven, François Ozon and Wes Anderson.


It is quite difficult to describe the plot of the film in two words, as well as to define the genre in which Julia Ducournau shoots. After the screening at the Cannes Film Festival, her movie was dubbed a body horror, but to this definition should be added fiction and drama about the search for self. But even these characteristics can not fully characterize the direction of “Titan”, in which too many inexplicable events occur.

The main character of the movie is a girl Alexa, who grew up without parental love. As a child, she was in a car accident, which caused the girl to have a titanium plate implanted in her head. Since then, Alexa has had an attraction to metal and does not get along well with people. One day, when an annoying admirer starts pestering the girl, uncontrollable aggression awakens in her and she turns into a killer. In addition, Alexa gets into a sexual relationship with a car and discovers that she is pregnant.

And this is only the plot, further we are waiting for an unpredictable and very frank story, in which it is difficult to find a coherent final conclusion. All we can say for sure is that this is a story about transformation – physical and emotional. In an interview with Slant Magazine, Julia Ducournau explained it this way: “The less human the heroine becomes, the more she comes into contact with her humanity.


In fact, the main events of “Titan” begin when Alexa tries to hide from the police by posing as a missing boyfriend. Here it is worth noting the work of debutante actress Agatha Roussel, who accepts the lack of inhibitions in front of the camera and agrees to shoot in scenes where other actors would feel too vulnerable. Her character, who at first seems completely emotionless, gradually feels the outlines of emotions, but she has to hide her inner and outer changes.

In addition to Roussel, another broken character appears in the frame, who either collapses or comes back to life – it is the fire chief, pining for his son. He is played by famous French actor Vincent Lindon (who starred in The Measure of a Man).

It is unlikely that viewers who prefer sci-fi will go to see Titane at the movies. There is no point in recommending the picture to fans of horror movies either – there are horrors here, far from the effect of disturbing fright. Many scenes in the movie do not have a clear explanation (which is typical for author’s cinema, not limited by the framework of large studios). Comparisons of Titane with David Cronenberg’s films, which appeared during the Cannes Film Festival, are also deceptive – Julia Ducournau’s work has much more paradoxes and room for interpretation of the ambiguous ending.

You should go to Titane if you are genuinely interested in what movie won the Palme d’Or, overtaking the works of famous directors. Impressions after viewing will be extremely contradictory – apparently, this is the effect Julia Ducournau wanted.




A mix of different genres; unpredictable plot; actress Agathe Roussel, who took on a challenging role

Specifically-repulsive material


Worth watching for those interested in the winners of the Cannes Film Festival, as well as those who are willing to accept ambiguous movies.

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