Thor: Love and Thunder Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?


The alien Gorr (Christian Bale) lost his daughter Love, after which he turned to his god Rap for help. However, the god Rapa only laughed at Gorr, and then Gorr took a terrible weapon called the Necrosword, killed Rapa and swore to destroy all the gods.

Meanwhile, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Korg (Taika Waititi) travel with the Guardians of the Galaxy and perform all sorts of feats, but Thor receives a warning that Gorr is going to attack New Asgard, which is ruled by Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), and Thor goes to help Asgard.

New Asgard, as you understand, is far from the old majestic Asgard. New Asgard is a village aimed at attracting tourists, in front of which the actors play scenes from the life of Thor, Loki and Odin the All-Father. There’s also a restaurant and possibly a sauna with blackjack and a choir of vestal virgins.

Arriving in New Asgard, Thor found the battle with Gorr and his shadow demons in full swing, and among those opposing Gorr, he was surprised to see his ex-girlfriend Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), who not only regained her fighting skills, but is now in her hands the hammer Mjolnir: it was known to have been broken into small pieces, but somehow reassembled and now obeys Jane.

They repulsed Gorr’s attack, but the vile enemy managed to kidnap all the children of New Asgard, so Thor, Jane, Korg and Valkyrie need to figure out how to return the children, and Gorr is called to account, because this idea of ​​\u200b\u200bkilling all the gods is some kind of not very correct.


Thor is one of the main characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, because he has already received the fourth solo film, which other superheroes have not allowed themselves before.

The first “Thor” was directed by Kenneth Branagh, and it was such a typical children’s fairy tale, shot very effectively.

A sequel called “Thor 2: The Dark World” was directed by Alan Taylor, and it was actually a remake of the first film, also very spectacular, but showing that the studio does not have any new ideas about this character.

The studio entrusted the triquel “Thor: Ragnarok” to the New Zealand director Taika Waititi, who had never worked with such projects, and they were not mistaken: Waititi really breathed life into this franchise and it sparkled with new, and very ironic colors. And Chris Hemsworth, who was noticeably tired of his character in the sequel, said that Waititi’s approach to Thor impressed him very much.

The triquel had a very good rating and an excellent box office. Therefore, Taika was entrusted with directing the fourth film of the franchise.

Waititi said that he did not want to make a sequel to Ragnarok, so the new Thor, on the one hand, was planned to be made quite romantic, for which Jane Foster returned, and in a new original form – in fact, as a superheroine, but, on the other hand, the new “Thor” was supposed to be completely outrageous and even insane.

As a result, Waititi filmed, in fact, a kind of parody of Thor, and this was framed not as the new adventures of Thor as such, but as a story of a man-stone (he is also voiced by Taika Waititi) about the next exploits of Thor, and the main characters of the picture seem to simply illustrate this story . And the banter here is at every turn, and it’s completely outrageous! Interestingly, there were already certain prerequisites for such a banter in Ragnarok, in one of the episodes of which Thor was shown to be very fat, but here the degree of coolness still increased many times over.

Many viewers and critics did not accept this approach at all. “We, they said, wanted to look at the new Thor, but then they made some kind of fool out of Thor. Yes, there is a lot of banter, but there is nothing at all here except banter. Where is our Thor? Bring back the old Thor!”

Well, about the fact that Thor is actually not here, it is absolutely not true. Thor is quite present here, he has romantic feelings for Jane, he fights with Gorr, but what is, that is – he now has a lot of self-irony. Thor was already self-deprecating in Ragnarok (compared to the most serious and rather boring Thor of the first two films), and actor Chris Hemsworth clearly liked this approach.

And here he completely unfolded with might and main in a completely boundless self-irony, and this, in my opinion, looked very cool and funny. And I completely disagree with the fact that “Thor was made some kind of fool here” – but nothing like that! There are a lot of funny moments connected with Thor, and it’s very well thought out and staged. Hemsworth did a great job!

Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster is brand new. In the sequel, Jane suffered very depressingly for her Thor, then suddenly she received super strength with this either Aether, or Zephyr, and this thing almost tore her to smithereens in half. And here she is already quite a kind of female version of Thor, effectively twists Mjolnir with her hammer and blows down her enemies in batches so that only dust is worth it.

Plus, Jane’s romantic line with Thor is subtle, touching and ironic, and both of them – Hemsworth and Portman – are very good with this line. As well as the romantic line of Thor with the hammer Mjolnir, which now belongs to another, and Thor’s feelings for the hammer have not dried up, although now Gromsekira is next to him.

Well, I can’t help but point out that in the days when the Jane and Thor kissing scenes were filmed, Chris Hemsworth abstained from eating meat because he knew that Natalie Portman was a vegan. And it was a definite sacrifice on his part, because Hemsworth’s truly outstanding musculature requires the actor to eat at least eight times a day to keep fit, and his diet should be high in protein.

Chris Pratt – the actor is very pumped up, and even the son-in-law of Arnold Schwarzenegger himself – said that he was completely delighted with the incredible physical form of Chris Hemsworth. And that Hemsworth is downright a man-god in real life.

By the way, for Hemsworth this film is downright family, almost all of his immediate family starred in it. His sons Sasha and Tristan play young Thors in the film, daughter India Rose plays Gorra Love’s daughter (something certain scenes at the end looked so authentic), brother Luke plays a theater actor portraying Thor, and wife Elsa Pataky plays Thor’s former lover.

The episode with Zeus is hilariously funny from the first to the last minute, and Russell Crowe in the role of the god of thunder was pulled off completely selflessly. Also there, the planet of Zeus itself and the city where the god communicates with his subjects are made very impressively. In the original, interestingly, Zeus speaks with a Greek accent. This option was proposed by Russell himself, and Taika Waititi initially thought it would sound pretty stupid, so the scenes with Zeus were recorded in two versions – with a Greek accent and with a British one. But, after listening to both options, the director decided that the Greek accent was cool, so as a result, this option was left.

Christian Bale, after playing Batman in Nolan’s The Dark Knight, said that he was not going to appear in other directors’ superhero films, but Taika Waititi found his way to the actor’s heart, saying that his children would be delighted if their father played in such an important franchise movies like Thor: Love and Thunder, and as Bale’s kids readily confirmed it, Christian starred as Gorr, the godslayer. And Gorr was inspired by Nosferatu, Count Orlok, the vampire from the classic 1922 German horror film. The fact is that Gorr in the comic book is more like Voldemort from the Harry Potter film series.

Well, one cannot fail to note the legendary goats Thor Tangniostr and Tangrisnir, who appeared here. Their hysterical screams were, of course, inspired by the video memes of goats screaming like people, which at one time were wildly popular on the Web. And it was also very funny.

In general, I really liked it, this is the funniest “Thor” I have ever seen. This approach completely suits me – it’s fun, funny, witty, at the same time spectacular and spectacular. I understand the fans of the original comic who are terribly unhappy and say that Thor is not the same now, I understand the critics who do not like this interpretation, but I just really liked it.

What are the prospects for the new Thor? Well, the picture came out only on July 8, so it’s too early to talk about the general fees. Opening box office in the US is almost equal to the budget – this is already a good sign that the film will at least pay off. Gatherings around the world can not yet be said that they are large, but they are not yet final. Let’s see, let’s wait. If the studio is satisfied with the fees, then they will not care about the abuse of critics and the low rating from the audience. If not – then they will try to bring back the old dull (albeit spectacular) Thor. Let’s see.

Upd: Already raised under $800 thousand with a budget of $250 thousand, so everything is fine with the fees here.

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Director: Taika Waititi Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, Tessa Thompson, Taika Waititi, Russell Crowe, Jamie Alexander, Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista, Karen Gillan

Budget: $250 million, Global gross: $505 million
Fantastic Action, Australia-USA, 2022, 118 min.

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