Thor: Love and Thunder Ending Explained & Plot Analysis

The meaning of the movie “Thor: Love and Thunder” and the explanation of the ending. Thor: Love and Thunder is an American science fiction film based on the protagonist Thor from Marvel Comics. This is a classic development of Thor: Ragnarok and the twenty-ninth film in the fictional Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film was produced and written by Taika Waititi. Chris Hemsworth plays the lead role of Thor, the film also stars Tessa Thompson, Russell Crowe, Natalie Portman and others.

Chris Hemsworth and Taika Waititi began developing the basic concept for the film in early 2018. The film’s title and cast were announced in the summer of 2019. The producer decided to push Thor: Love and Thunder against the background of the third series, combining the basics of action and melodrama in the style of the 1980s. Filming was supposed to begin in the fall of 2020, but was postponed due to the infectious disease coronavirus. Production started in late January 2021 in Sydney and ended in early summer.

Thor: Love and Thunder premiered on June 23, 2022 in Los Angeles. In EU, the film was supposed to be released in early July, but was postponed indefinitely; despite this, in a number of countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, the film was released with official dubbing. The film received positive reviews, becoming the sixth highest-grossing project of 2022, although the idea for the film was subject to disapproval.

The meaning of the film

The film begins with a scene in which the Godslayer Gorr is in the desert with his daughter Love. From the unbearable heat, the stranger worships God Rapu, but his requests turn out to be meaningless, later his daughter dies from lack of water and food. At the same time, the necrosword, a weapon for the destruction of the Gods, summons the galactic assassin. Thus, Gorr finds God Rapu and destroys him, promising to kill all other Gods.

Thunder god Thor and Kronan warrior Korg have been traveling with the Guardians of the Galaxy for some time now. But they have to part ways after Thor receives a disaster warning from his wife, the fertility goddess Sif. Thor and Korg then arrive on a snowy planet, where a crippled Sif informs Thor about Gorr and that the heavenly city of New Asgard, which thrives under the leadership of the warrior Valkyrie, will be Gorr’s future intention.

Astrophysics student Jane Foster, Ph.D., Thor’s former lover, is battling cancer and in search of a cure arrives in New Asgard, where fragments of Thor’s old hammer, Mjolnir, combine into one and transfer Thor’s spirit and energy to Jane. Thor himself arrives in New Asgard and is stunned to see Jane fight with Mjolnir against Gorr’s dark villains. At the same time, Thor, Korg, Valkyrie and Jane almost manage to apprehend Gorr, but he steals the children from New Asgard and makes his escape.

The heroes begin their journey to the Almighty City, where all the Gods reside, to warn them of an impending disaster and ask for help. The god of heaven, Zeus, reacts negatively to the support and draws Thor into battle because he supposedly encourages the Gods to fight Zeus’ fighters. The God of Heaven destroys the Kronan Warrior with his lightning ability, with which Thor later impales Zeus himself in rage and malice. Valkyrie steals this ability while fleeing, Korg manages to stay alive, but loses everything but his own face.

The heroes then head to Gorr’s Shadowfell to save the children’s lives. However, this turns out to be just a ploy by a Godslayer who relies on the support of the Thunderaxe weapon to open the interstellar portal – the Rainbow Bridge, and enter the Gate of Eternity, where he will fulfill his dream of destroying all the Gods. As a result, Gorr manages to cope with all the heroes, pick up the Thunderaxe, and cripple Jane and the Valkyrie.

On Earth, it is discovered that with each command Mjolnir is grabbing Jane’s inner energy, the next time may be final. As a result, Thor intends to travel to the Temple of Eternity thanks to Zeus’ lightning ability. Gorr uses the Thunderaxe to open the Gates of Eternity. Arriving, Thor decides to give the stolen children from New Asgard and their means of protection his energy, which allows them to fight alongside him. Jane still dares to use Mjolnir again and destroys Gorr’s weapon, the necrosword. However, the killer of the gods still manages to enter the Gate of Eternity.

Having suffered and admitting failure, Thor inspires Gorr that all this time he wanted only one thing from the Gates of Eternity – not to destroy the Gods, and to return his daughter Love to life. Jane can no longer fight back with cancer and dies in Thor’s arms. The Gates of Eternity fulfill Gorr’s dream and revive Love.

Before dying from the influence of the necro sword, Horus calls on Thor to protect his daughter, Love. Children from New Asgard return to the planet through the Thunderaxe, where the warrior Valkyrie and the goddess of fertility Sif begin to practice them with their abilities and weapons. Eventually, the Thunder God Thor, once again in charge of Mjolnir, embarks on a new journey with Love, who now uses the Thunder Axe.

Movie ending explanation

In the first episode of the science fiction film Thor: Love and Thunder, after the credits in the Almighty City, the injured leader of the Olympian Gods Zeus calls on his son, the God of strength and courage Hercules, to destroy the thunder god Thor. In the second post-credits episode, Dr. Jane makes it to the Gates of Valhalla, where she is greeted by the guardian of the gods, Heimdall.

However, the first episode indicates that Zeus survived. The god of heaven regains his strength and gets angry at the people who stopped honoring the gods. He also claims the death of Thor, as a result of which a reminder appears to people of the strongest power of Zeus.

In Marvel Comics, Thor and Hercules did have a feud, so pointing out the upcoming clash of the Gods will definitely lead to a fierce battle. At the same time, the God of strength and courage had previously fought on the positive side. So, apparently, the collision of Thor and Hercules is a fake event – they will first oppose, and then they will act together. However, Zeus is unlikely to accept their friendship.

In the second post-credits episode, Jane was shown entering the Gates of Valhalla. There she is met by Heimdall, who died in the American science fiction film Avengers: Infinity War. The Guardian of the Gods thanks the Ph.D. for freeing his son from death, who, along with other children from New Asgard, was held hostage by the killer of the Gods. This episode confirms the fact that Jane does die, because Jane becomes a fighter of the sky city and dies in battle – which is why she appears at the Gates of Valhalla.

This appears to be Jane’s final adventure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, there is speculation that the heroine will still return in upcoming projects, where the story will be about the other world.

Marvel Studios is unlikely to end Thor’s story in a fictional universe. At the end of the movie “Thor: Love and Thunder”, a rather quick and pronounced information is shown on the screen: “Thor will return.” At the same time, it is not specified whether we are talking about Thor 5, Avengers 5, or a completely different project. But Thor’s adventures are definitely not over yet.

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