The Tomorrow War Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Earth, 2022. Dan Forester (Chris Pratt) used to fight in Iraq and now teaches. Dan hopes to get a highly-interested job in the lab, but those mean lab rats preferred a more experienced person to Dan, so Dan kicked a garbage bin in the street in annoyance, and the garbage scattered around the condominium. Dan set a bad example for young people with his act, and young people are present in Dan’s family: he and his wife Emmy (Betty Gilpin) have a daughter, Murie (Ryan Kira Armstrong).

To set a good example for Myuri, Dan sits down with her to watch the Winter Football Championship game. However, it was not possible to watch the match: suddenly, a portal opened in the sky above the field and armed people poured onto the field from there. But these are not terrorists, these are Americans, but from 2052. They said that in the near future, people are defeated by some kind of prolific alien cheburashka, so people from the past must go to the future to fight to help cope with this infection.

The proposal is more than strange. Since people from the past have learned about the approaching danger, why the hell should they send someone to the future? They must concentrate on preparing for the alien invasion, and then adequately meet it. Then the people of the future will not have to fight.

But there are complete cretins in the government, so they just start to drive tens of thousands of people to the slaughter into the future, the vast majority of whom die there. And they are driving untrained people, not professional soldiers, but the devil knows who – accountants, teachers, and they are not even prepared at all for what they will have to face there.

And now Dan, like a real teacher, also received a summons. There is no way to refuse: an electronic bracelet was put on his arm, and if Dan tries to hide, they will find him and put him in jail. Dan’s unlucky dad James (JK Simmons) can help get rid of the bracelet, but Dan is terribly offended by his father for leaving the family many years ago, so he prefers to go to war in the future.

And the future is sad. Quite disgusting, but very nimble octopus-like monsters are rushing around there, able to shoot spikes from their tentacles, for which they were nicknamed white-thorns. These white-thorns feed on people with great pleasure, so the initial message for war is, in general, gastronomic.

Can Dan and his newfound friend Charlie (Sam Richardson), a chatty African-American, save the planet? And guess three times. Only chur – do not peep.


Filmed this potential blockbuster at Paramount Pictures. For some reason, they put Chris McKay in the director’s chair, who until then had only done animation – “Robot Chicken” and “LEGO Movie”. The star of Guardians of the Galaxy Chris Pratt was invited to the main role, they allocated as much as two hundred million money, but they decided that since it was a fantastic action movie, there was no need to involve a professional screenwriter, and in the end, the script was written by a certain Zan Din, who had this very first experience , and Bagel the cat and I think this Dean is related to some Paramount bigwig.

The film was supposed to appear in theaters in December 2020, but, as you understand, the coronavirus panic epidemic derailed these plans, so the screening was first rescheduled for July 2021, which did not help the picture, and then they sighed and sighed at Paramount , and sold the rights to the streaming service Amazon Prime Video for $ 200 million – purely to at least recapture the costs.

With the script, as you probably understood from the description of the plot, everything here is very, very bad. This Zan Din does not care about any elementary logic at all. And cho – they took it and flew in from the future and said “Whistle everyone upstairs.” They said to whistle – we will whistle. But why send the military there? We need accountants. And without any preparation – but why the hell do they cook?

What are you saying? Show them alien cheburashkas in advance? And why, they are afraid then! Explain how to kill these cheburasheks in general? And why, if we still don’t show them cheburashkas?

With all sorts of temporary paradoxes, this screenwriter also deals with delightful casualness. From the series: why even bother with these troubles when they run around with weapons back and forth, screaming loudly, and alien cheburashki will jump on them?

But that’s what he treats with all the attention and all reverence – this is all family relationships. We will be shown for a long time Dan’s syndrome of misunderstanding with his father and Murie’s similar syndrome, which heroes from all sides will discuss in detail.

The introduction to the film is very slow. We are shown all sorts of details about the life of Dan’s family, and the first clash with monsters will begin only in half an hour. True, then everything goes much more lively, but from time to time the main characters still stop to discuss all these syndromes of theirs and childhood grievances. And then again – into battle in the name of the happiness of all mankind.

With the genre orientation here, too, there is some confusion. It all starts on serious cabbage soup, just like a fantastic thriller, but the farther, the more the degree of seriousness decreases and by the end it turns into something almost comedic.

Chris Pratt as the main character is not bad, but that’s all. It still looks much better in more fun and ironic projects. In this film, he brings a certain amount of irony, but without a raccoon and without a green aunt, Chris is not at all so cheerful.

Here is Yvonne Strahovski (she, actually, Strzechowski, but not a single American will pronounce it) really liked the role of a military colonel (or colonel?) from the future. Cool and charismatic. And that, at the will of the screenwriter, she was forced to do all sorts of stupid things (search for a substance against cheburashkas in the room in which the deadly cheburashka uterus is located – what did they smoke at all?), so these are claims not to her, but to the screenwriter and director.

Betty Gilpin, who I really liked in The Hunt, was nice to see in the role of Emmy Forester, but, to be honest, there was practically nothing for her to play here, the role is very episodic.

Jay Kay Simmons is a great actor and is a gem in any movie he appears in, even if it’s a very mediocre sci-fi action movie. Here, too, all the scenes with him are simply excellent, the only pity is that there are only two of these scenes. But on the other hand, his character in the final was awarded a gypsy girl with an exit.

So, you might say, if everything here is generally somehow sad, then why is the rating average, at the level of “well, you can see”? And because I watched it, if not with pleasure, then at least without disgust. You don’t immediately pay attention to the insanity of the plot, Chris Pratt doesn’t spoil the furrows, Yvonne Strahovski and Jay Kay Simmons are very good, the secondary characters are not bad, the pasties are drawn quite effectively, the battle scenes are impressive, well, closer to the final there was also some kind of humor break through, so I did not even regret that I watched it.

But the film, of course, is very mediocre. Kind of like “Edges of Tomorrow” but without Corn, which is welcome.

However, there are people who call this film “The main blockbuster of the year.” Well, as they say, to whom the mare is the bride.

War of the future / The Tomorrow War review

Director: Chris McKay Cast: Chris Pratt, Yvonne Strahovski, JK Simmons, Betty Gilpin, Sam Richardson, Jasmine Matthews, Edwin Hodge, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Keith Powers, Mary Lynn Rajskub

Budget: $200 million

Fantastic action movie, USA, 2021, 140 min.

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