The Sheltering Sky Ending Explained & Plot Analysis

After watching the movie, do you have more questions than answers? Let me help you find the hidden meaning behind the film The Sheltering Sky and also explain what the film’s ending means.

Over time, even the strongest feelings begin to wane. People get used to each other, domestic issues come to the fore. There is no trace of the former passion, energy, love. But the American couple is trying to prevent this. To revive vivid feelings, the heroes set off on an exciting journey through the expanses of North Africa. They are sure that even after ten years of marriage, they will be able to stir up the emotions that connected them. However, this adventure is filled with not only pleasant moments. Spouses run the risk of losing the little that binds them at the moment. The vital and touching story The Sheltering Sky will help viewers understand that sometimes you need to fight for your happiness.

What is The Sheltering Sky about?

Young people Port and Kit Moresby decide on an unexpected journey. They are ready to go to North Africa, because this is their only opportunity to stir up old feelings. The characters in the film are crushed. They have not yet been able to recover from the events associated with the Second World War. Their life no longer brings them joy, and personal relationships have long outlived their usefulness. But the couple is not ready to give up. Port and Kit decide to fight for their happy future.

The heroes visit Oran with their friend. They want to enjoy Africa, the values ​​and traditions inherent in the local population. The characters are even ready to give up the benefits of civilization, to which they are so accustomed. But suddenly their friend Tanner leaves, and Port falls ill with a terrible disease. The man never recovered from the typhus. He died in the middle of the Sahara. His wife cannot recover from grief. In order not to die of despair, Keith joins the local population. The woman liked one character who wanted to make her his mistress. The heroine became a prisoner. Her life turned into a real nightmare, which was facilitated by the other wives of Belkassim. Keith finds the right moment and escapes. The woman ends up in the hospital, where she was found by the employees of the American embassy. The whale goes back to Oran. Everything is cyclical.

The meaning of the film The Sheltering Sky

The heroes of the film initially did not understand whether their life would be the same after they returned from their journey. The characters wanted to escape from the boring life, they dreamed of looking at life from a different angle. It was important for them to find a place that would not remind them of their former existence. They seemed to be out of their comfort zone. The heroes needed an impetus that would help them come to new achievements. In the wilds of Africa, no one could prevent them from rethinking their existence, setting their priorities correctly. They are stuck in their framework, which should have been thrown off long ago. It was important for the heroes of the tape to fill their lives with happiness again. And also to find inspiration that would help them overcome everything.

The life of a woman collapsed in an instant. She seemed to be maddened by her misfortune. The heroine has lost everything that was dear to her. Her existence seemed to be devoid of meaning. Is there a way out of this difficult situation. And most importantly, how to find the strength in yourself to start enjoying a new day again. The relationship of the spouses could hardly be called ideal. They were already on the brink of collapse. But the woman was not ready to accept the frightening reality. When a person is nearby, you can fix everything, agree, realize, discuss. When people lose the most precious thing, their existence fades. But what if the lovers only torment each other?! The burden of past grievances does not allow the characters to tune in to a positive solution to the accumulated issues. They only express claims to each other, blaming everyone for their missed opportunities.

Between the spouses there is a wall of misunderstanding, which they cannot destroy in any way. And do they want to? The characters’ buddy becomes another irritant. Port even begins to suspect his wife of treason. But the spouses again and again try to reach out to each other. Only mutual reproaches do not lead to the desired result. None of them wants to admit that both are to blame for the collapse of the relationship.

Explanation of the ending The Sheltering Sky

Close people, who once loved each other so tenderly and reverently, cannot agree. They quarrel, quarrel, swear. Their life consists only of problems, but none of them wants to take responsibility for what is happening. It is easier for them to think that someone else is to blame for the current situation. An attempt to escape from problems in another country did not lead to anything good. The characters never managed to find a common language, because they were simply not ready to hear and listen to each other. On the screen, viewers see the struggle of two personalities. What is this fight for? What do the characters share? The clash of opposing opinions leads to the fact that complexities and difficulties accumulate like a snowball. In their reproaches, the spouses can no longer stop. Their relationship is so messed up that Port and Keith are looking for any object that could be blamed for what is happening.

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