The Out-Laws Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Review of the film

On July 7, Parents in Law, a comedy action movie produced by Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison, was released on Netflix. An experienced viewer, even before viewing, could approximately guess what kind of movie awaits him. In this review, we tell you whether the film turned out to be of sufficient quality to be able to talk about any good leisure.

“Parents in Law” / The Out-Laws

Genre action comedy
Directed by Tyler Spindel
Cast: Adam Devine, Nina Dobrev, Pierce Brosnan, Ellen Barkin, Michael Rooker, Lauren Lapkus
Netflix Premiere
Release year 2023
IMDb website

Successful bank manager Owen Browning has a very good life. Things are going well at work, and the guy is about to marry the beautiful Parker. Shortly before the wedding, the girl reports that her parents will still be able to break away from urgent matters and come to visit their daughter for the holiday. Now Owen will finally meet the respected Mr. and Mrs. McDermott.

And everything would be fine if one day a pair of robbers did not visit the bank to the unlucky manager. For some reason, they had the information necessary to open the vault, which greatly facilitated their work. During the robbery, Owen managed to notice several details, thanks to which he came to the conclusion that at that moment his future father-in-law and mother-in-law were robbing the bank.

Review of the film

“Parents in Law” is a movie too unpretentious and simple to claim anything more than providing a good mood for the viewer on a Friday or Saturday night. I must say that the picture copes well with this task.

Concerns about the quality of the humor arose from the production studio. For those who are familiar with Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison opuses, they understand how terrible their projects can be. Fortunately, this is not the case, and the notorious goofiness has not been able to overshadow the really good episodes, which are lacking here.

The plot does not offer a single surprise, and on the topic of meeting the parents of the second half on the eve of the wedding, the genre has already been expressed quite exhaustively, Ben Stiller will not let you lie.

Review of the film

At one point, the film ceases to be just a comedy about red tape with family relationships and abruptly reclassifies into a comedy-robbery with action elements. Then the dynamics revives, and this is the moment for which the novelty should be paid attention to.

After all, when the story reaches the criminal point of no return, the best qualities of the “Parents” are manifested in it. Of course, even then the film doesn’t stop being depressingly stupid, but it’s healthy idiocy, almost adequate in the context of the intended direction.

And most importantly, the plot is practically devoid of typical Sandlerian excesses (Sandler himself acts as a producer), which always makes you uncomfortable.

Review of the film

Many jokes cause sincere laughter. Symbolic hello to James Bond – funny (and which agent 007 is the best for you?). The cake gun joke is great. And the eccentric Adam Devine in the image of Shrek is in a good way krinzhovo.

All of this candid and hilarious goofing is backed up by an enjoyable cast. Ellen Barkin and especially Pierce Brosnan don’t even need to do anything to arouse sympathy.

Devine plays a complete idiot and sometimes goes a little overboard with Jimcarryan antics, but fits in well with the overall picture. This trinity is the main striking force of the local comedy component, and this is quite enough to entertain the tired people.

Two decades ago, Johnny English, an idiot, allowed himself to dance right on top of a coffin during a funeral. The protagonist of “Parents in Law” goes further and rolls a collection truck around the cemetery, destroying everything on the way. So the film itself rushes forward at full speed and does not see any obstacles on the way to delivering a good mood to its viewer.

Pluses: a good comedic component, a pleasant cast, a good action and the dynamics of the narrative, an almost complete absence of humor, perceived as a meaningless bad taste, the project is even a little better than you could expect before watching the minuses: unfortunately, the film fails to jump above the head, because this is just a pleasant comedy at once, which you are unlikely to ever remember, and there are no shortcomings like the typicality of the plot. it makes sense to say, because this is understandable, dubious humor is also a conclusion:

“Parents in Law” makes a good impression. This is moderately cheerful and honest nonsense with the viewer, which is not embarrassed by its not very attractive status. And does it right

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