The Nevers Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

“Incredible” / The Nevers

Genre fiction
Creators Joss Whedon
Cast: Laura Donnelly (Amalia True), Olivia Williams (Lavinia Bidlow), James Norton (Hugo Swain), Tom Riley (Augustus Bidlow), Anne Skelly (Penance Adair), Ben Chaplin (Detective Frank Mundi), Pip Torrens (Lord Massen) ), Nick Frost (Declan Orran), Denis O’Hare (Dr. Edmund Haig) and others.
HBO channel
Release year 2021
Series 6
Site IMDb

The events of the first series take place in 1899 – three years after mysterious flashes of light appeared over London, thanks to which superpowers were discovered in some people. Few people can explain the nature of what is happening, so most women who become gifted are persecuted. The girls are protected by Amalia True, a fighting lady who runs a shelter where they give shelter to the rejected and misunderstood. There also lives a healer who can heal wounds, and an inventor who designs technical devices that are uncharacteristic of the 19th century.

It turns out that the problem of the gifted is not only that they are considered unusual. In fact, they are seen as people with serious ailments that pose a danger to a decent society. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that a gang in terrible masks is announced in the city, which kidnaps special girls. Also, the police are trying in vain to catch a crazy gifted who has become a serial killer obsessed with personal revenge.


The first episode of The Incredibles smoothly plunges into the world of the Victorian era, which is coming to an end, giving way not only to progress, but also to chaos. On the streets of London, horse-drawn carriages continue to ride, auto crews rush past them, and gifted ones walk nearby, shooting fireballs. Here you can also meet someone who can turn objects into glass, and even those who act on people like a truth serum. Among the Londoners are very enterprising rogues who use other people’s abilities as a show. So, for example, the character of James Norton (probably the most famous artist in the cast of the series) is an aristocrat who owns a private club in which gentlemen indulge in love pleasures with those who are usually stigmatized in small talk.


At first, The Incredibles seems like a moderately adventurous story, in which science fiction becomes only the background – in order to show the precarious position of women in a society where they were not supposed to stand out and seize power. However, the gifted with each series are revealed a little differently. It turns out that abilities are manifested not only in women, but also in men. Moreover, the reason why people suddenly discover inexplicable gifts in themselves is something that is completely beyond the standard plots. There are a few scenes hinting at this in the first few episodes, but overall, the show just shows a fairly large set of central characters who will meet each other sooner or later.


Amalia True is involved in almost all cases – the same manager of the shelter, who, as it turned out, has a unique gift to see the future. She is strong-willed and completely fearless, so Amalia gets into a fight at every opportunity, protecting her wards or repelling the attack of enemies. After a few episodes describing such troubles, the question arises of why the main character is so masterful in battle. We only know about one of her gifts, but the plot does not explain at all how it came to be that she swings her fists so skillfully.


And suddenly, what seems like the frivolity of the writers turns out to be a big plot twist that completely changes the essence of The Incredibles. The final sixth series is rather puzzling, forcing to rethink the whole story, and leaves a big gap for continuation (according to WarnerMedia, six episodes for the second part of the story have already been filmed).


When the second season will be released, it is currently unknown, showrunner Joss Whedon (creator of the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and director of the Justice League, who took the place of Zack Snyder in 2017) left the project. Whedon was accused of abusing power while working on earlier projects, but this still negatively affected the promotion of The Incredibles, so it may be necessary to wait for the unpleasant situation to calm down.


But to be honest, I really don’t want to wait. The series “The Incredibles”, despite the costumed production and a wide variety of characters, is not particularly exciting. Yes, it has the embodiment of new ideas and a completely unexpected cliffhanger, but all this does not cause much enthusiasm for the plot. Some lines seem forced and completely unoriginal, some are very tiring (like episodes with a crazy gifted one), and the last episode, although surprising, but, alas, repels with an overly complicated plot twist. In a word, The Incredibles does not at all turn out to be a revolutionary series that you want to discuss, noticing its cunning script.

Pros: a plot that takes place in Victorian London; elements of this era combined with new technologies; mystery of the protagonist Cons: shocking plot twist does not make the right impression; some lines seem labored and tedious Conclusion:

adventure fiction that turns out to be not quite what you expect from it.

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