The Man from Toronto Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

On June 24, the comedy action film “The Man from Toronto” directed by Patrick Hughes (“The Incredibles 3”, “The Killer’s Bodyguard”, “The Killer’s Wife’s Bodyguard”) was released on Netflix. Starring Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson, the screenplay was written by Robbie Fox (Old Man Watch) and Chris Bremner (Bad Boys Forever). The film was originally supposed to be released in cinemas back in 2020, but due to Covid-19 restrictions, the film was initially delayed, and then Sony sold it to Netflix. What happened as a result, read in the review below.

“Man from Toronto” \ The Man from Toronto

Action genre, comedy
Directed by Patrick Hughes
Starring Kevin Hart, Woody Harrelson, Kaley Cuoco, Ellen Barkin
Netflix release
Release year 2022
IMDb site

Teddy Jackson (Kevin Hart) is a kind and indecisive loser. He gets kicked out of the local gym for doing a bad job as a promoter. He tries to create his own no-contact boxing courses, patents equipment that no one needs, and records training videos that no one watches. On the birthday of his wife Lori (Jasmine Matthews), the hero plans not to mess up at least once, so he rents a lakeside house for them and organizes spa treatments. While his wife is resting, Teddy is looking for a rented bungalow. But the address printed by him on the printer is difficult to decipher, because Teddy forgot to change the ink cartridge. Therefore, he goes to the wrong house, where he discovers a couple of thugs.

A man from Toronto

The bandits take Teddy to the basement and ask to find out the information they need from the person tied there. It turns out that they were waiting for a well-known professional informant called the Man from Toronto (Woody Harrelson), but they mistook him for Teddy. The house is captured by the FBI and asks Jackson to help them catch a group of people who are plotting to kill the president of Venezuela. Customers still think Teddy is the Toronto Man, so he will impersonate him. But the mercenary himself finds a hero. He also pushes the case to the end because he wants his multi-million dollar payout.

“The Man from Toronto” tries to play in the field of classic and nostalgic action games, where a pair of completely different characters fight against gangsters. It doesn’t work out very well, because in addition to the relationship between the characters and spectacular action scenes, such films need a more or less adequate story, a powerful villain, and a generous sprinkling of humor. But the new film cannot boast of any of the three points.

A man from Toronto

Teddy is open-minded and never shuts up, a familiar role for this actor in any of his films. The man from Toronto doesn’t say much, but at the right moments he makes good jokes and points out Garth’s character’s cowardice and indecisiveness. Woody Harrelson is also in his usual role of a charismatic silent man with a caustic smile.

But the mercenary only makes himself a merciless killer and torturer. In fact, he built a flawless reputation as a psychopath to not actually touch people, but to force them to divulge the information he wanted just by his presence alone. At the same time, the Man from Toronto knows how to fight and shoot effectively, but she likes to cook most of all. And he also dreams of opening a gourmet restaurant.

A man from Toronto

Despite the large number of jokes involved, the picture has an average sense of humor, which is compensated by the likable main characters. However, it is not worth calling such a tandem iconic. Harrelson and Hart look natural together, but both actors clearly do not strain to play their roles, which, not surprisingly, makes their images more natural and attractive. As they say opposites attract and it works well in this case.

The Man From Toronto is a casual summer blockbuster to relax the brain. This is a dynamic spectacular comedy action movie with an unsuccessful plotting of the story. The film is long (112 minutes) and oversaturated with the same type of scenes with the clarification of the main characters’ relationship. And if they are really funny at first, the subsequent variations on the same theme kill the humor almost completely.

A man from Toronto

The writers did not reveal Teddy’s relationship with his wife, nor did they show more scenes with Harrelson and Kaley Cuoco, who plays Lori’s sassy girlfriend. Part of the timeline could have been spent on showing the relationship between these two couples, which would have added humanity and humor to the picture, and would have revealed the characters more. Instead, the creators showed a number of effective, but meaningless battle scenes, which greatly complicated the finale and leveled the lively beginning and middle of the film.

Pros: Garth and Harrelson’s duet, excellent staging of fights, chases and all action scenes, good jokes Cons: mediocre graphics, crookedly written plot and weak main story, weak disclosure of the main characters’ relationship with their bright charismatic halves, protracted timeline Conclusion:

It’s a shame that for $75 million, director Patrick Hughes managed to shoot only one high-budget action movie. In addition, for such an amount, “Man from Toronto” has terrible graphics. Instead, the battle scenes are impressive. Especially the work of the operator. But it still does not save the picture from a bad assessment

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