The Kitchen Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Pros: adaptation of a comic book not about superheroes, but about mafia clans; production designer’s work; 70s music Cons: some scenes look very pretentious “Queens of Crime” / The Kitchen

Genre crime drama, action
Directed by Andrea Berloff
Starring Melissa McCarthy (Katie), Elisabeth Moss (Claire), Tiffany Haddish (Ruby), Domhnall Gleeson (Gabriel), Jeremy Bobb (Rob), James Badge Dale (Kevin), Margo Martindale (Kevin’s mother), etc.
Companies BRON Studios, Creative Wealth Media Finance, DC Vertigo
Year of release 2019
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Like the pages of The Kitchen comics, the film’s plot takes place in New York City in the 1970s. Gangs operate on the streets, and private businesses are controlled by Irish mafiosi. Melissa McCarthy, Elisabeth Moss and Tiffany Haddish play women whose husbands go to prison after an armed robbery.

The wives of prisoners are left without money to live and without support from their close circle. They quickly figure out what’s what and find a new income option – offering local businessmen protection from bandits. The women do their business behind the backs of the Irish mafia, entice people to join them, and quickly make enemies. Their success attracts the attention of not only crime bosses, but also FBI agents.

The film was created by Andrea Berloff, for whom “Queens of Crime” became her directorial debut. Before that, she worked as a screenwriter, participating in the development of plots for crime thrillers that did not receive worldwide recognition.

In recreating the old and dirty New York, Berloff was assisted by production designer Shane Valentino, who worked on the films Batman Begins and Nocturnal Animals. Also, special attention was paid to the color rendition of the picture, to which brown shades were added.


Valentino’s excellent work was complemented by costume designers, emphasizing the most expressive trends of the 70s. Clothing was far from the last element on the set; it changed along with the character of the main characters, who gradually learned about the power and power of money.

Immersion is extremely important for a film like Crime Queens, as its plot is somewhat specific. In some places Andrea Berloff deliberately creates situations that make you smile, and in others she does not neglect cruelty. Plus, the film follows the latest trends in Hollywood, where women become central characters who strive for independence.


The most important lines about freedom of choice are given to Melissa McCarthy’s heroine, who balances between her family and the gangster world. McCarthy, by the way, successfully gets rid of the comedic image that has developed in her career in recent years. “Crime Queens” is the second film after the drama “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” (Can You Ever Forgive Me?), where the actress can be taken completely seriously.

Her co-star Tiffany Haddish also became famous for her comedic roles. In this film there is not a trace of a comedian in her, so Haddish’s character turns out to be especially strong-willed and powerful. But Elisabeth Moss is probably the most interesting character – she goes through an interesting transformation, awakening in herself completely new traits that are not inherent in a humble woman.


Contrary to early impressions of the film, Queens of Crime is not a story about a sisterhood meant to dominate ignorant mobsters. The film hides a certain intrigue, keeps a fast pace and does not let you relax due to the fact that the script does not get hung up on the personal dramas of the characters.

“Queens of Crime” may seem controversial in places, too pretentious in its semantic load and not ideal from the point of view of directing. However, it has exactly what you expect from a crime action movie – a rich plot, ease of viewing and a good picture. Plus, the film is accompanied by Fleetwood Mac songs, which is also not the least of it.


You don’t have high hopes for the film “Queens of Crime”, but the film captivates with its atmosphere and its plot

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