The History of Swearing with Nicolas Cage Ending Explained

Nicolas Cage’s History of Swear Words

Genre documentary series
Creators Joel Boyd, Sarah Schaefer
Hosted by Nicolas Cage
Netflix channel
Release year 2021
Series 6
Site IMDb

By and large, Netflix’s History of Swear Words is an extended version of some video from the “Crash Course …” series on YouTube. But thanks to the charismatic presenter, excellent editing, nice infographics, selection of experts and interviewees, it looks much better.

The first season of History of Swear Words (not the fact that there will be a second season at all) included six episodes dedicated to six English curses – Fuck, Shit, Bitch, Dick, Pussy and Damn. Nicolas Cage, experts and interviewees, and these are well-known American stand-up comedians and actors, discuss the origin of each of the words, the change in its meaning over time, the impact on music, cinema, public consciousness, politics (yes, even so!) etc. .


And here, surprise-surprise, it turns out that the curses we know so well were not curses at all 500 or even 150 years ago. That the meaning of words varies depending on the mood prevailing in society. Language changes are ongoing, and their pace has accelerated significantly in the last hundred years, and soon many of the words that drove your mothers into the red will sound completely natural from the lips of children. As it happened, for example, with the swear word damn, which 200 years ago was almost the most taboo word in the English language, and today it is a completely ordinary exclamation of surprise or admiration, can be used even by kindergarteners.

Similar transformations occur with other words. For example, Shit became taboo in the Middle Ages with the development of the household and the advent of individual closed toilets. And Pussy, which became indecent only 150 years ago, today, after the famous statement of President Trump, is used by feminists as a symbol of the struggle for their rights. Think of Pussy Riot or the Pussy Hat movement.


There are similar interesting stories in the History of Swear Words about each of the curses. So if you want to know why only a woman can call another woman Bitch; what is wrong with President Richard Nixon; which actor swears in American films more often than others; why filming the last scene of Gone with the Wind required special permission and a fine; what swear word has become a universal substitute for any other word in English; how the King James Bible was edited; which of the rappers did more for freedom of speech than others; and other interesting facts – watch this series.


Of course, you should watch History of Swear Words exclusively in English. Translation into any other language will just kill this series, and even non-English subtitles will ruin the viewing experience. So we can recommend this documentary only to those who are fluent in modern colloquial, and not academic, English. Alas.

PS. It would be interesting to see a similar series dedicated to Ukrainian curses, at least in YouTube format.

Pros: Interesting stories about the origin, transformation and modern meaning of English curses; charismatic Nicolas Cage; experts and funny co-hosts; short series Cons: The series is only for those who have a good knowledge of modern colloquial English Conclusion:

A funny and instructive series about the importance of swearing in the life of modern society

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