The Great Gatsby Ending Explained & Plot Analysis

After watching the movie, do you have more questions than answers? Let me help you find the hidden meaning behind The Great Gatsby and also explain what the movie’s ending means.

The film The Great Gatsby is based on the book by the famous American writer Fitzgerald. This is a picture of hopes and dreams, most often unfulfilled. The heroes of the tape are people who are trying to make their dreams come true, but they are ghostly and have no background in themselves. Tom and Daisy Buchanan want to be rich, to lead an idle lifestyle, but at the same time they do not think that happiness is not in this. Gatsby himself, who tried to get Daisy’s favor, faced only disappointment and death. The heroine Daisy is a cold person who is only interested in money and wealth.

What is The Great Gatsby about?

The plot is that Gatsby decides to answer for the murder of Myrtle himself, but his beloved Daisy was driving. All events of the film refer to the twenties of the last century. A couple of years after the First World War, with many young soldiers moving to the major cities of the United States, trying to find their place, many of them had such an idea in their heads as the American Dream. Many believe that life here is completely associated with wealth and success. However, they do not understand that success is always based only on hard work, it was important to make the efforts that were offered in order to achieve the goal.

Now the American dream has a different color. At that time, a very easy way to make money quickly appeared. After the implementation of Prohibition, the underground sale of alcohol and smuggling became relevant. Gatsby managed to make his fortune in this way, while collaborating with criminal structures and with old aristocrats. He is trying to bring himself to a new level, although he himself earned his fortune by crime. However, his desire to become in line with the old noble people. At the same time, both the new rich and the representatives of the old aristocracy were engaged only in trifles, did not think about the future, but simply spent their money. At the same time, it turns out that they compete with each other, trying to find new ways to spend money.

Meaning of The Great Gatsby

All the inhabitants of the East End, which was in the possession of the aristocracy, are proud of their origin, but they are not as rich as the new Americans. It is in the West End that the nouveaux riches live, who have managed to amass their wealth in an essentially illegal way. However, they also try to lead a proper lifestyle. If the aristocrats, who have innate taste, have a certain style, they are strong in home improvement and dressing skills, they have a special grace and sophistication. People from the environment of Gatsby differ only in show and tasteless design. They lead a wasteful lifestyle, but do not understand what style and taste are. They are prone to rash acts that look simply defiant.

However, at the same time, it is noted that Gatsby has a special sensitive heart. While the aristocrats are most often completely cold, unapproachable, they have no sympathy, they are just heartless individuals. The main theme of the film is the American dream, the film shows how the dream began to change, people completely degrade, losing their basic values, like the dream itself. The only goal is to get wealth in any way. People have forgotten about kindness, warmth. Tom Buchanan has a noble origin, he has a beautiful wife, but he does not have happiness. In addition, he prefers to go out with his mistress Myrtle, even though she is a representative of the lower strata. Daisy herself is despondent from boredom, even her little daughter does not arouse her interest, she has a noble wealthy husband, a healthy child, she is surrounded by luxury,

Gatsby, who has managed to achieve wealth and success, regularly hosts chic parties where New York’s elite gather. He is also unhappy because he thinks that in order to be truly happy, he needs Daisy. The fact is that Gatsby perceives the girl in her own way, she seems to him the embodiment of perfection, but in real life the girl has nothing to do with perfection. She is empty, reckless, as a result she does not even come to the funeral of Gatsby, who has everything. It is this girl who is the goal and dream of the new rich man. A big role in the film was given to the weather, because here the weather is not just a background, it is part of the story. Heavy rain is a symbol of despair and the death of hope, this is accompanied by a deterioration in the condition of Gatsby himself, who still believes that the girl will come. There are many symbols in the movie such as green lantern, phone calls,

Explanation of the ending of The Great Gatsby

In fact, The Great Gatsby is a picture about unfulfilled dreams, about the hopes of insolvent people, this is a film about people who pursued incomprehensible unnecessary goals. Aristocrats are unhappy, Gatsby is also unhappy, because he had feelings for an empty girl, he also tried to be noble, and as a result, death awaited him. The person whose dreams are not connected with enrichment is Nick.

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