The Gray Man Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

On July 22, an action film by the Russo brothers called “The Gray Man” was released on Netflix. The picture is based on the novel of the same name by the American writer Mark Greaney. In their new work, the directors involved Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas. The budget of the picture was 200 million dollars, but the tape does not stand out with spectacular graphics. What the money was spent on and whether the movie is worth its budget, read in the review below.

“The Gray Man” / The Gray Man

Action genre, thriller
Directed by Anthony and Joe Russo
Starring Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Billy Bob Thornton
Netflix release
Release year 2022
IMDb site

20 years ago, a special branch of the CIA launched the Sierra program under the leadership of Donald Fitzroy (Billy Bob Thornton). It involves the involvement of prisoners in performing particularly dangerous tasks. One of these agents is Cort Gentry (Ryan Gosling) with the call sign Six. After some time, the power in the CIA changes – Fitzroy resigns, and the young, brutal and ambitious Danny Carmichael (Réger-Jean Page) becomes the head of the department. One of the agents of the “Sierra” program gets serious incriminating material on him, so Danny sends the Sixth to eliminate him. Shortly before the murder, the agent hands Gentry a flash drive with incriminating information on the boss. Cort Gentry decides not to give her to his superiors, so he becomes the number one target himself. A crazy ex-agent Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans) is called in to arrest him.

Gray man

Like most spy thrillers, “The Gray Man” cannot boast of an adequate and logical script. Negative characters here are always excessively evil and cruel, and positive ones are too principled and charismatic. The story is thrown from one conventionality to another, the heroes hardly reveal themselves and conduct austere monosyllabic dialogues. All this is diluted by a large number of coolly filmed shootouts and chases, as well as powerful fights.

Famous actors impress with their fight choreography. And if this is quite expected from pumped-up Gosling and pumped-up Evans, then gentle Ana de Armas surprises much more than her role in the latest “James Bond”. It is true that her heroine is written too ineptly, but her cute face and spectacular fights do their positive work.

Despite frequent fights, the actors do not forget to play their roles well and manage to create on-screen chemistry. It is especially noticeable between the main enemies – Cort Gentry and Lloyd Hansen. And although the characters physically cross paths only at the end of the film, the conflict created between them keeps the audience on their toes all the time. In the finale, they meet in a deadly duel and it is one of the best fight scenes of the entire film.

Gray man

Ryan Gosling got a mixed character from his characters “Drive”, “Only God Forgives” and “Blade Runner 2049”. He is a charismatic silent man with an ironic half-smile and a lot of self-deprecation.

Chris Evans played the murderous psychopath Lloyd Hansen perfectly. He is a former CIA agent who was expelled for his unscrupulousness, cruelty and sadistic tendencies. The character wears bushy mustaches, trousers and moccasins, as if mocking the collective image of villains in spy action movies. At the same time, Hansen is not devoid of a sense of humor and, despite belonging to the bad guys, evokes sympathy.

Gray man

The films have few computer graphics, but a large number of large-scale live shots. If we do not take into account the huge fees of the directors and actors of the main roles, the lion’s share of the budget was most likely spent on them.

“Grey man” is like everything at once. This is a good-natured, 90s-style action movie that skillfully copies the popular series about John Wick, James Bond, Jack Ryan, and Jason Bourne. All this makes it incredibly spectacular and convenient to watch with popcorn, but at the same time completely fresh and stale.

Gray man

Alternatively, the Russo brothers decided to spend a couple of hundred million dollars on a huge and expensive mockery of the spy action genre. They’ve made an awfully stylish shooter that shouldn’t be taken too seriously. The creators make fun of the conventions of such thrillers in every possible way, but they do it skillfully, along the way using excellent actors who know how to not only play well, but also fight spectacularly on camera. It seems to me that such a theory also has the right to exist.

Pros: good acting, charismatic main characters, spectacular action scenes, chases and explosions, beautifully filmed fights Cons: protracted timeline, mediocre and illogical script, story full of clichés and spy platitudes, sparse and boring dialogues Conclusion:

“Grey Man” is a spectacular movie with a huge set of clichés from spy thrillers. The large number of clichés here goes off the scale already in the first minutes, and closer to the finale, the viewer finds himself up to his ears in them. This is a very expensive film that is absolutely not necessary to watch. He should be given a chance if there are an extra two hours of time and a craving for mindless but beautiful spy movies

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