The Flash Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Review of the movie

The first attempts to shoot a full-length film about the Flash Studio Warner Bros. made back in the 80s. Of course, at that time the ideas about film comics were different, so nothing came of it. But since then, the company has regularly tried to bring The Flash to the big screen. Unfortunately, without success.

In the end, Flash still “ran” to the cinemas in 2023, before that he managed to survive many production problems and a scandal with actor Ezra Miller. Movies with such a troubled production cycle rarely produce anything good. We tell in our review whether “Flash” managed to avoid a similar fate.

“Flash” / The Flash

Superhero action genre
Directed by Andres Muschetti
Starring Ezra Miller, Sasha Calle, Michael Shannon, Ron Livingston, Maribel Verdu, Kiersey Clemons, Antje Trauet, Michael Keaton
Premiere cinemas
Release year 2023
IMDb site

Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) successfully helps the Justice League as the Flash. True, he mainly has to “clean up the consequences”, but this occupation also has its own important role. At the same time, Barry tries to prove that his father is not guilty of murdering his mother, only the hope of an acquittal melts away every day.

One day, the Flash discovers that he can travel back in time using his super-light speed. Then Barry decides to save his mother from death – and thereby creates a new universe in which everything is not quite the same as in his own.

One of the main difficulties of working with the Flash as a movie character is his superpowers. As the hero, Barry Allen fits perfectly into the formula of the standard cheerful protagonist with a bunch of moral principles and problems from the past. But its super speed is not so easy to adapt into a format that is interesting to watch.

The director Andres Muschetti faced a difficult task, which, moreover, many other creators before him did not cope with. And Muschetti decided to cheat a little, experimenting with the structure of the story at the same time. That is why “The Flash” is both a continuation of the story of Barry Allen and a story about the emergence of his superpowers.

All thanks to the presence of two Barry Allens in the plot. The first is from the familiar Justice League, the second is from the new universe created during the original Barry’s attempt to bring his mother back to life. Both are played by Ezra Miller, and he copes with his task decently. The tandem of the Allens turned out to be as colorful as possible, and the characters are noticeably different from each other. Serious and responsible Flash is shown to us not so often, for which the film receives a separate plus.Review of the movie

Such a script move also solves the problem of demonstrating Flash’s superpowers. Cinema does not unfold at super-light speeds, otherwise it would cause dizziness and confusion. Of frankly pathetic action scenes, here we only have the very beginning (and it is quite messy and, to be ashamed, cringe-worthy) and the final battle, which was definitely successful. Otherwise, Flash from the new world only learns his skills with the help of the original Flash.

And here we come to the main problem of the film – terrible computer graphics. Yes, it is not the level of individual scenes from the films of the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (it is a nod to the fourth part of “Thor”, if anyone did not understand), but the overall quality of CGI in “The Flash” leaves much to be desired.

Most of the time it feels like you’re watching cutscenes from video games from the PlayStation 3 era. Muschetti has already started to make excuses that some moments with strange graphics were done so on purpose, but it’s a stretch to believe it.Review of the movie

Fortunately, the graphics are the only critical problem with the full-length Flash. After all, it is otherwise a great movie comic, which in one story works with the concept of the multiverse better than Marvel – in a whole phase.

In addition, the script clearly explains all its nuances in the most understandable language. And in addition, the story does not forget to remain down-to-earth and touching.

At the production stage, it seemed that the film would turn out to be too messy, as if assembled from parts that did not correspond to each other. In part, it turned out that way, but the general plot canvas and the concept of the multiverse make it possible to connect dissimilar pieces into a single narrative. That’s why the entire timeline is made into a neat work of art, in which everything is in its place.Review of the movie

This also applies to numerous and very unexpected cameos, which The Flash is full of. I don’t want to spoil it here at all, but in Warner Bros. will be able to surprise even the most ardent fans of film comics.

“The Flash” has absorbed all the features for which viewers around the world have basically come to love adaptations of comic books on big screens. This is a funny and touching film at the same time, where high-quality action is combined with a responsible attitude towards its characters and the chemistry between them. Therefore, all doubts can be left behind. Only if you will not be turned away from outdated computer graphics at all.

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Pros: high-quality storyline of two Flashes at once; excellent acting by Ezra Miller; the adjusted pace of the story and the high dynamics of everything in the film; really unexpected cameos Cons: outdated computer graphics; the action is sometimes too messy Conclusion:

“The Flash” raised a lot of fears, so how good the movie turned out in the end is even surprising. Of course, there is no way to turn a blind eye to bad graphics (and the sins of Ezra Miller). But the film comic entertains and fascinates without unnecessary oppression. Sometimes this is enough

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