The Curse of Bridge Hollow Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Review of the movie

Every year in October, on the eve of Halloween, filmmakers are used to scaring the audience with another batch of horror movies. But sometimes some of them try to prove that this holiday can be not only scary, but also funny. “The Curse of Bridge Hollow” is one of those films that offer a comedic look at All Saints’ Eve.

“The Curse of Bridge Hollow” / The Curse of Bridge Hollow

Genre comedy horror, family
Directed by Jeff Wadlow
Starring Marlon Wayans, Priya Ferguson, Rob Riggle, Lauren Lapkus, Kelly Rowland
Netflix premiere
Release year 2022
IMDb site

Model family man Howard Gordon decides to move from Brooklyn to the small town of Bridge Hollow with his beautiful wife Emily and 14-year-old daughter Sydney. The latter is not at all delighted with this development of events. In addition, she often conflicts with her father because of different views on her life. In the new house, Howard realizes with great surprise that he decided to move out of time, because the local residents are somehow too enthusiastic about Halloween.

Here, near every house and in every yard, various representatives of horror films are recreated in frightening detail: zombies, witches, football skeletons and all kinds of other evil. But if dad doesn’t like all this Halloween masquerade, Sidney reacts with delight to such decorations. Eventually, she finds an ancient relic and accidentally unleashes an evil spirit that takes to reviving the walking dead from the neighboring yard, the evil clowns from the scare room, and other monsters to finally carry out her sinister plan.

Review of the movie

When it comes to such a phenomenon as “comedy with Marlon Wayans”, it becomes obvious what to expect from the film. In general, it is unpretentious (sometimes bordering on foul), often parodic humor, which does not grab the stars from the sky, but is rarely able to make people laugh. However, in the new tape, Marlon rarely makes a face, which should already be considered a certain achievement, and the story itself is intended primarily for family viewing, so there is no place to stick a fool here.

Of course, any fan of horror will be pleased to see in the plot one or another homage to some famous horror from the past. Particularly eye-catching is a parodic scene referring to “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” or characters such as killer clowns from outer space. But in general, the light humor here is hardly able to really cheer up. At the same time, the story develops chaotically, and it is not very interesting to follow the chaotic events. The heroes are constantly running somewhere, fussing, inventing something, but for some reason it is not fun.

Review of the movie

The story line of the father and daughter, who at first cannot get along, but join forces to save the town, despite all the misunderstandings, also looks uncertain. As a result, they will still find a common language, and this is not even a spoiler, but the relationship of the characters is built in such a way that it will definitely not work to be influenced by them. Here, the screenwriters clearly wanted to note that parents should sometimes better listen to children and their wishes, but this morality does not play a significant role.

Where the plot sags or there is simply no room for jokes, the authors, led by director Jeff Wadlow, try to use special effects. All the same, the infernal theme of Halloween offers a wide field for the implementation of wild ideas – from simple manipulations with Jack’s Lantern to monstrous reincarnations. But even here, the creators show a surprisingly poor imagination, because a huge spider or a hateful, burning pumpkin can’t surprise anyone now. At the same time, the monsters are made in such a way that they are not able to scare, so this is clearly not a very scary movie. And in general, not very exciting.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow

On the other hand, “The Curse of Bridge Hollow” does not descend to the level of outright trash like “Halloween Guby”: after all, it is just an unfunny comedy, not insufferable nonsense. But understanding this does not make it any easier. And while Wayans’ character cuts a squad of skeletons in half, and his neighbor pretends to be Sheriff Rick Grime, one feels sad because this film is devoid of even the slightest surprises that could really entertain the viewer.

Pros: references to cult horror films, Halloween atmosphere, several episodes that can cause a slight smile Cons: chaotic development of events, uninteresting adventures, uninventive humor Conclusion:

“The Curse of Bridge Hollow” will, of course, fulfill its mission and attract enough attention from the audience in the run-up to Halloween, and then fade into oblivion forever. The film is not able to entertain well

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