The Boss Baby: Family Business Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

“Baby Boss 2: Family Business” / The Boss Baby: Family Business

Genre cartoon
Directed by Tom McGrath
Cast Alec Baldwin (Theodore), James Marsden (Tim), Amy Sedaris (Tina), Ariana Greenblatt (Tabitha), Eva Longoria (Carol), Jimmy Kimmel (Ted), Lisa Kudrow (Janice), Jeff Goldblum (Dr. Erwin Armstrong) ) and etc.
Studio DreamWorks Animation
Release year 2021
Site IMDb

The Boss Baby was released in 2017. Its creators – director Tom McGrath (known for his work on three parts of Madagascar animation) and screenwriter Michael McCullers (invented the plot for the production of films about the spy Austin Powers) – adapted and diversified material from the book of the same name by children’s writer Marla Fraze.

They came up with a funny story about the heavenly company Baby Corp., in which babies are distributed to families using a special conveyor. Obedient babies are dressed in diapers and sent to Earth, while those who are noticeably different from the rest are hired to work in the office. These children, like real adults, fill out documents, occupy leadership positions and receive tasks of special importance – in order to fulfill their duties, employees of the corporation infiltrate families, posing as newborns.

The center of the story was not a corporation at all, but the boy Tim – his rich imagination always helped to find adventure in the most ordinary things. Tim suspects that the younger brother Theodore, who recently appeared in the family, is a disguised adult (in the original, the newborn was voiced by Alec Baldwin, who gave the character a confident, sometimes breaking voice). And this is not fiction at all, but observations of the baby, but no one believes the first-born, whom everyone considers a dreamer.

Before going to The Boss Baby: Family Business in the cinema, it makes sense to learn about all of the above by watching the first part – many details from there will be mentioned in the new cartoon. Without a backstory, it will also be possible to delve into the plot, but to make it more fun, it is better to prepare.


Naturally, there is no point in discussing the plot about the mission of a small boss endowed with the habits of a high-ranking leader with particular seriousness. However, it is still worth noting a few points from the script. For example, the fact that the first cartoon, dedicated to the conflict between two brothers, also managed to show the physical fatigue of parents who had a second child. In the same place, the behavior of newborns was rather amusingly played up, awakening in adults either tenderness, or anxiety, and, most importantly, the readiness to resort at the first sound made – in such conditions, children really become influential managers (well, the hero, dressed in a miniature office suit, successfully uses it). In Baby Boss 2, the creators focus on other family moments – on how parents gradually lose their significance for growing children, who have their own interests and guidelines.

The events of the cartoon The Boss Baby: Family Business take place many years after the beginning of the story – the brothers are already adults who no longer live together. Tim is still a visionary, but now he uses his imagination to entertain his family. And Theodore became a wealthy businessman who devotes all his time to work. They have long been estranged from each other and almost forgot about the adventures they had to go through to become friends. But the heroes have a chance to restore the lost connection, and Baby Corp will again be involved in this. It turns out that Tim’s youngest daughter is also an employee of a heavenly corporation. She was assigned a mission to save the world, which requires the involvement of Tim and Theodore. Only now, in order to achieve the goal, the brothers must become children again, otherwise they will not be able to work undercover.


It is rather comical to see the adult versions of Tim and Theodore, but they will appear on the screen for a short time – the heroes will return to their children’s appearance with the help of a secret weapon. The brothers will no longer substitute each other, from now on a real antagonist with plans for world domination will appear in history, so the heroes join forces against him. True, this will still provoke a lot of conflicts that develop into big curiosities.

The Boss Baby: Family Business has become larger and more colorful than the first part. After the introduction, which takes place in the family home, the events are moved to an innovative school where gifted children study. There, babies can secretly code, and older children turn into erudite able to understand any science. It is here that the main characters get into a series of insanely intense adventures, sometimes reminiscent of a ride on an attraction, during which you do not have time to see the scenery. The creators dilute all this with incessant shots from jokes designed for frequent grins from an adult audience (though all within innocent contexts).

In general, the cartoon looks easy – due to the dynamics, as well as the constant change of original locations, which seem voluminous thanks to the possibilities of computer animation. The villain who becomes the impetus for family reunification is also fun, but by the end the overall message of “Baby Boss 2” does not become something special. Although the creators are trying to add a serious note, talking about the relationship between parents and growing children. Alas, at some point all this turns into a musical number (already too serious and out of the general mood), which seems superfluous in a story that is already full of various plot devices. Because of this, the second cartoon seems not as funny as the first, although it has plenty of jokes and comical situations. But after the end of the session, they are all forgotten.

Pros: adult versions of the main characters, as well as their return to childhood; innocent jokes that play on the adult behavior of children; new colorful locations Cons: sometimes events resemble a quick ride on an attraction, during which you do not have time to see the scenery; a musical number that stands out from the general atmosphere Conclusion:

“Baby Boss 2” is a funny cartoon at a time. It is better to prepare for it by watching the first part of the story, which was released in 2017.

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