The Angry Birds Movie 2 Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Pros: Well-known characters; the surroundings of the islands and the abilities of the characters; references to popular films; some good jokes; important moral in the ending Cons: Unpretentious script with a few plot holes; jokes below the belt; secondary The Angry Birds Movie 2 / “Angry Birds in the movie 2”

Genre cartoon
Directed by Thurop van Orman
The roles were voiced by Jason Sudeikis (Ed), Josh Gad (Chuck), Danny McBride (Bomb), Bill Hader (Leonard), Peter Dinklage (Mighty Eagle), Leslie Jones (Zeta), Rachel Bloom (Silver), Awkwafina (Courtney), Sterling Brown (Gary), etc.
Студии Columbia Pictures, Rovio Animation, Sony Pictures Animation
Year of release 2019
IMDb website

So, Red, Chuck and Bomb vigilantly stand guard over Bird Island, the insidious pigs are still making their insidious plans, but there is no longer any sense of any special villainy in them, just light trolling. And suddenly a third force attacks Pig Island, using weapons unknown to the technologically advanced green pigs. The pigs invite the birds to conclude a truce and join forces in the fight against an unknown enemy, and Red, already accustomed to the adoration of other birds, feels unnecessary in the conditions of peace. After a period of mutual distrust and misunderstanding, Red and Leonard (in case you forgot, that’s the name of the leader of the pigs), gather a squad of the best birds and pigs they have and go to the enemy’s lair. A fairly simple plot, however, for a cartoon aimed at children 7-10 years old (the target audience has not changed) this is quite enough. Surprisingly, The Angry Birds Movie 2 also contains content for adults.


Firstly, the main core of the plot is the desire to be loved and the consequences that you may face by rejecting the feelings of another. It doesn’t matter what motivated you, fear of responsibility, lack of confidence in yourself or in others – the consequences of a decision you once made will haunt you throughout your life. However, this is still a children’s cartoon, so everything broken here is literally fixed with one passionate speech. Alas, this does not happen in real life.


Secondly, The Angry Birds Movie 2 contains a lot of references and trolling to popular film franchises of the last decade. Mission: Impossible and Avengers got the most. The pigs’ secret technology base and inventor Gary are a clear nod to Tony Stark and the Avengers base. The episode in the toilet is a parody of the epic fight in Mission: Impossible – Fallout. There are plenty of such references in the cartoon, and they turned out really funny. However, as in the first part, there was some rather unpretentious humor below the belt. Sometimes too unpretentious.

Thirdly, the soundtrack. Young viewers may not appreciate the selection of compositions, but adults will definitely like them.


There is also a certain feminist note in The Angry Birds Movie 2, of course, in the image of the newcomer to the team, Serebryanka, who turns out to be smarter, more insightful, charismatic and kinder than Red, who is too touchy and cannot admit his own mistakes. However, the image of Serebryanka, although different from the one we are used to in games, turned out to be very interesting. We also owe her participation in saving the three islands the main moral that the authors wanted to put into the film: exact sciences are cool, being an engineer is even cooler, and yes, girls can be engineers too. Well, this is a very correct and necessary message, which can only be welcomed.


Like the first cartoon, The Angry Birds Movie 2 lacks stars from the sky, but is very closely related to the original game. The surroundings of the game levels here are turned into living islands with funny characters, which is worth only slingshots as public transport. Naturally, all the heroes’ skills remained with them, but in a few episodes the authors simply forget about abilities, for example, Chuck’s super speed.


Like the 2016 film, the sequel may even be enjoyable if you don’t go into it with high expectations. Just a cartoon, sometimes funny, sometimes not even completely stupid. It copes quite well with its main task, to once again draw attention to the Angry Birds franchise. At least I re-installed Angry Birds 2 after returning from the session and found that the game was still alive after 4 years. Regular activities are held here, end-game content and HATS have appeared, a lot of hats. There are so many hats that Team Fortress 2 is just nervously smoking on the sidelines. I’m not sure I’ll play Angry Birds 2 for long, but Rovio has clearly caught my attention. And yes, right now there is an event in the game related to the new cartoon.


Not the best, but not the worst movie based on games, adults will suddenly find more in it than children

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