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The Book of Life (movie review)

I get the feeling that The Book of Life was a passion project for writer/director Jorge Gutierrez and Guillermo del Toro came on as a producer with the clout to get stars attached so the movie would get made… and then some other studio producers came along and turned it into a jukebox musical as much as they could. Read the rest of this entry

Avatar (movie review)

Why does Avatar exist? It’s the most pointless movie ever because it’s really just several flicks that everyone already saw cobbled together but taking place on an alien planet instead of earth. Read the rest of this entry

Guardians of the Galaxy (movie review)

We saw Guardians of the Galaxy this past Sunday with a full house at 10:50 AM. The movie is filled with murder, violence, profanity, betrayal, torture, sadness, jokes, pop songs from the 1970s, abduction, deaths of innocents, more murder, more violence… and it’s probably the most fun you’ll have at the movies this year.

“And there’s your blurb,” as Christy Lemire would say.

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