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Oh Hollywood, you so crazy…


Oh Hollywood, you so crazy

No, not in a fun 1990s “your absurd antics amuse me but generally do no harm” kind of way, but instead, more like in a horrible please come up with a new idea and stop running everything into the ground kind of way.

THAT way.  And that way sucks.  Observe:  Read the rest of this entry

Oh Hot Wheels, you so crazy…

Hi, I’m Jamie, and if you didn’t already know, I’m a crotchety old man.   Hence the following complaint (Do your best to imagine a garbled old man voice while reading the text below):

In my day (the eighties) we had die-cast metal Hot Wheels and we liked it that way.   If your friend pissed you off, you’d just bean him in the head with a corvette or a station wagon and he’d know you meant business.  Now these. ..  These pathetic substitutes for Hot Wheels are not only poorly constructed,  but look at this ridiculous marketing tie in!  What kids want to play with the VW from Footloose or the convertible that was featured in Beverly Hills Cop?  Why are they selling toys now that should have marketed to me twenty-five years ago!?!


Read the rest of this entry

Oh Google Ads, you so crazy!

I presume that Google Ads are served based on page content and user traffic history, but how this combo of ads gets served, I have no idea. Also, neither of these ads interest me, so congratulations, Google Ads: you gave me a good chuckle while making no revenue for your clients.

What’s that, you say? Google Ads is serving all sorts of weird PSAs on The hell you say….

Oh Target, you so crazy


I took this photo just before the Super Bowl, so I think their stocking idea was that you’d come in to Target for some snacks and walk out with some snacks… and a 40 inch TV.  Makes sense.

Oh Windows, you so crazy!

When I left the office on Friday, my computer looked like this:


When I got to the office on Monday, my computer looked liked this:


Beautiful!  Still on the shut down screen!  I love it!  I know this machine is running Windows XP and its 2012, but sheesh.

Oh Republicans, you so CRAZY (Or: Why Ryan and Christie?)

So…  let me see if I can understand this.

Mitt Romney has chosen Paul Ryan to be his running mate.  When I heard this, I said, “Who?  Oh, wait… now I remember – that fucking guy?  That’s crazy.”  Read the rest of this entry

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