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The Three Things You Need When Your Car is Stuck in the Snow

I think it goes without saying for anyone living in the continental United States that this has been the winter from hell and getting your car stuck in the snow has become par for the course. I’ve been through this several times in my life, but this winter, the snow has been relentless and I’ve had the opportunity (the unfortunate opportunity) to test the various suggestions and now I’m hear to tell you what works and what’s a waste of time. Read the rest of this entry

Battling Icicles (meme edition)


Had enough winter yet?  Yeah, I’m kinda done, too.  No matter where you live, there’s no escaping the winter of 2014.  The snow, ice and frigid temperatures are pounding one and all with reckless abandon.  Even the American south isn’t  safe and now, I’ve reached a point where I don’t have any place left to store the snow.  And it just keeps coming. Read the rest of this entry

Even a snow shovel can be extreme

Some Tuesday morning rambling for ya:

I would think that any old snow shovel would do, but these days, a snow shovel can be extreme!  Meet the diamondback snow shovel; a product so extreme that it has a snake on it! 


Now think about what it’s like to shovel snow in reality.

Less extreme, right? 

I guess that the marketing guy at Snow Shovels Inc can’t say, “It’s just a shovel, but don’t worry, people will buy it because they have to shovel snow.”  He has to come into the room screaming about how awesome the shovel is with “I am a real American” blaring out of a boom box, screaming things about “the snow master 6001!  Introduce winter to hell!

Anyway, I just thought it was funny that somebody thought a cartoon snake would increase snow shovel sales.  And I’m glad we haven’t had much on the way of snow yet.

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